All I can say is Wow

I went in to get my new pump equipped with insulin this morning. I thought everything was going fine except my BG kept trickling higher and higher. I called my CDE at dinner time to report my BG. It was 365. She instructed me to change my set. I did, and sure enough I had a bent cannula. I then bolused 15u
But here’s the kicker. By 8 PM my sugar was up to 565, so I bolused another 23u. Now I rechecked again at 9 PM and it is down to 457. Please keep dropping down to normal.
I’ll let ya know what the heck is going on tomorrow.

ugh!! I hate this! I hate hate hate bent cannulas!!! Sorry that you had to deal with this on your first time pumping!

You need to find the infusion set that is right for you! Which one are you using? I had two bent cannulas on the first two quick set infusion sets that I used. And I switched to Silhouette and it was much better. Other people complain about Silhouette. So it depends on your body and where you put the infusion set.

Ask the pump rep for samples of ALL the infusion sets. Including Sure-T, about which I have recently read some positive reviews. It has a fine metal needle. So you won’t get bent cannulas. Users claim that it is painless, but try it out for yourself!

I am using the inset™ Infusion System 9mm cannula. I put it in my abdomen. I must have inserted it incorrectly.
This morning at 5:30, my BG was 90. Whew. 'bout time.

Glad that your blood sugar is better! You may want to try out the 6mm cannula if you have more bent cannulas!