AHHHH! - I woke up in the middle of the night at a blood sugar of 450. Ugh, that can’t be healthy. When I took my infusion set out the catheter was bent. I can’t belive it. Atleast a few times during the month I get unexplained highs, because of my pump. I’m going to talk to my MiniMed rep. Any suggestions anybody???

Grow some fat.

I’ve suffered from bent cannulus syndrome, too. Generally its because I’ve inserted in a place where the skin and underlying tissue is too thin. I can sometimes tell because the cannulus/catheter is poking me and boy can it sting. Time for in infusion set change.


Do you use the quick set? I used to use that, its the one that goes straight in, but i had problems with it because it would always come out. Maybe you should try the Silhouette, it goes in at an angle, and you can actually see where it went in. You can also see if it’s still in, and if it ever gets infected you can see that too. Don’t be intimidated by the long needle, it really isn’t bad at all. Hope that helps!