All Pancreum iPhone Diabetes Apps are FREE!

Hi All,

I just wanted to say that I wrote, as a weekend hobby, 8 iPhone Apps that are available for FREE on the Apple AppStore. They are just very simple “calculators” for several different factors, ratios, rates, etc. and are not fancy at all.

They are:

  1. Bolus Calculator
  2. Basal Calculator
  3. Glucose Unit Converter (mg/dl to-from mmol/l)
  4. Average Glucose Level to HbA1c % Converter
  5. Insulin-On-Board Calculator
  6. Insulin-to-Carb Ratio (I:C) Calculator
  7. BG-to-Insulin (Correction) Factor Calculator
  8. Insulin Total Daily Dose (TDD) and BMI Calculator

Just go to the AppStore and download them for FREE. I hope they are useful. :slight_smile:


Thanks Gil. Just downloaded glucose unit converter. Great for me as I live in Ireland and while reading posts on TuD have to try and convert. Now it wil be much easier for me.

Thank you, Gil. The Insulin to Carb (I:C) Calculator calculated 25g/U for me. Unfortunately this does not reflect my reality of 4 to 6g per unit of insulin. Again this shows that we are all very different. It also shows how challenging it is to find algorithms for the whole variety of people. Altough the approach failed for me it is good to know that some general algorithms do exist for this kind of estimation.

Furthermore the BG-to-Insulin (Correction) Factor Calculator calculated 148mg/dl / U for me. The reality for me is 38 to 50 mg/dl per unit of insulin. It seems that the lighter you are the more sensitivity for insulin is assumed. In general the correct approach but the amplification is just too much. Maybe some sort of sensitivity information given by the patient can help this and other algorithms like the Insulin to Carb Calculator to calculate better results?

Hi Holger,
Interesting… Thank you for the input! I’m going to double-check those 2 Apps algorithms.

I’m glad it was useful to you! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Gil - you are on to something - but its not just an algo. I would love to chat.