An excellent iphone app for Diabetics!

I apologize if this has been discussed before but I just found an iphone app called Diabetes's $11.99 but it is well worth it! Here is a link

It even tells you how much insulin to take to reach your target range...and pretty shnazzy graphs.... at least for me it's really cool may not be your cup of tea :D

There is a desktop app, too, that costs $40 but has even more features. I haven't bought it(though I have the iPhone app) but have used the 30-day trial. It syncs up with the iPhone perfectly.

Awesome! Thanks for the info!

I used this program extensively. I liked that it has a desktop component to print reports. There are some good apps out there. I did find the database a bit limited. There are some database programs that can help with carb calculation. A good one is CarbsControl -- it also has nutritional information for many chain restaurants. Calorie King I think also has a very rich database as well.

You're really taking charge. :)

I tried this app on the Palm.. It was pretty good. but at the time my Palmpilot went south and I never got back to it.

(even though i should since i have a relatively new Palm Centro for the Spirit bolus calculator)