PredictBGL phone app

I’ve been using the PredictBGL app for iPhone (think it’s also available for android) for about 1 month. Free to download and free to use although you can pay extra for added functionality.
I’ve dipped in and out of other diabetes dosing apps but have always found them a bit limited. This one is better.

A fairly user friendly interface allows you to enter blood glucose readings and carbohydrate intake and through personalised insulin:carb ratios it suggest your insulin dose.

It has information about duration of action of different insulins (I saw most of the ones I’ve heard of listed) and incorporates this in to dosing suggestions and shows how much of your last dose of insulin is still active.

It also incorporates different factors that may affect your insulin requirement, sickness, exercise, stress etc. and allows you to enter these.

Ratios are set by you for different times of day/ night and can be adjusted as necessary.

You can set your ideal range for your blood glucose and when you go outside this range the app will make suggestions on why this might be and how to address this i.e. Too many carbs, too much insulin or suggests how to alter your carb:insulin ratio (this is on the trial and paid versions only I think).

This version also provides hypo warnings straight to your phone and reminders post-hypo to recheck sugars again with suggested carb intakes, number of glucose tablets etc.

So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the app. I took the free trial and have recently bought a 1 month subscription to the full package. The free package is useful but the extra functionality of the full version may just be worth it. It’s not a quick fix – you need to keep at it to completely tailor it to you and your lifestyle but I seem to be getting there.
I recently let my consultant have a look and he seemed quite impressed and was going to research it a bit for himself. The app also has a pc version for printing off reports etc for your doctor and I believe your doctor can also access all your data if you choose to set this up.

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And you are not affiliated to the company behind the app, I presume?

No I’m not. They asked me if I would post a review which I did because it’s really good. Whether it pans out to be worth the fee remains to be seen…