What has TuDiabetes done for you?

I figure since September is promotion month I’d throw this topic out to all of you. It’s probably been covered before but it may be refreshing to hear some new stories.

So…What has TuDiabetes done for you?

By coming to this site on a daily basis, I’ve been able to focus more on my diabetes. When I first started coming here my BS was out of control all the time. (250-300). It has caused me to ask my doctor the right questions in order to receive the right treatment for me. By coming here daily I don’t forget to check my sugar, just being on here reminds me to. Today my sugars ranged from 83-124. Yesterday I think my highest reading was 114. I read alot of blogs in all the forums and have learned quite a bit. I’m not as naive as I used to be about Diabetes although I’ve got a long way to go before I learn everything about this complex disease. I’ve learned that eating some protein with carbs helps to keep sugar down. Just all the little pieces of advice I’ve come across have helped me get a little healthier than I was 3 months ago. Thanks to all on here. I’ve never met any of you in person, but to me I’ve made a multitude of friends. Thank you for making me feel better. Thank you TuDiabetes!

It has made me feel less alone, I have some wonderful friend.
It has inspired me, people here have inspired me.
It has helped me to accept that I D sometimes does it’s own thing and plays by a different set of rules than the ones you just got used to
and that I am trying my best (which is all I can do) to lower my A1c and even if it doesn’t happen like I want it to I am only human and not a ‘Baaaad Diabetic’

Have found alot of info on Diabetes, have read some blogs from others that have some of the same symptons that I have, am seeing doctor on Tuesday and have a bunch of questions for him

It has made me thankful that I have a goup of people to bounce questions off and to know how blessed I am to have a Physician’s Assistant who is Pump savvy and lets the doctor know that I am doing the best I can with the pancreas I have that works sometimes and doesn’t sometimes. He is helping me devise a plan to begin a walking/jogging program and a gym program for the fall. He knows I want to live as normally as possible and take my meter with me and check no matter where I am. I am happy to hear that others have the same issues I do with unpredictable blood sugars when you do everything you’re supposed to do and you are HIGH or LOW for no reason. Thank-you all for being a D-Buddy!

Just knowing that there are other people out there who are experiencing the same fears and frustrations I’m dealing with is SUCH a huge help. It makes it so much less stressful to know that I’m far from the only one. When I make mistakes in caring for Eric, I can turn to the people here for comfort because I know there’s always someone who has been there, done that, and can remind me that it’s OK to be human.

I am a Nurse on a Diabetic and Dialysis in-patient floor. I see the worst case scenarios every day and sometimes I start to feel that that is my future- dialysis, amputations, blindness. Most of my patients don’t check their blood sugars, don’t take care of themselves, don’t watch their diets. Tudiabetes has shown me how many successful, pro-active, positive people with Diabetes are out there! It is such an encouraging reminder that we have so much control over our outcomes. I love hearing how many brothers and sisters are doing well, and getting back up after set backs. I love a quote that says, “Success is getting up one more time than the number of times you fell down!”

It has brought me overwhelming happiness and unforgettable friends. My sanity…I can come on TU and find support and understanding, and hopefully give a little back in return.