Allergies to Pod but not CGM

Hello, first time poster here. I am 39 was diagnosed with T1D / LADA four months ago and have been on the Omnipod and Dexcom G6 for about 2 months now. Pretty much since Day 1 I had a skin reaction to both devices. I have since started using the IV3000, and it seems to help somewhat, but find that neither device sticks particularly well to it. If I put the G6 overpatch on top, the G6 will stick for 10 days and I’m fine, and I have very little discomfort or rash after I remove it. But for the Omnipod, the only way I can get it to stick to the IV3000 (I’m super active) is with a Skin Tac wipe, which I apply to the top of the IV3000 and then I place the pod over it. While it’s on, I’m itchy, when it take it off, I have a rash/raised bumps for about 2 weeks (it almost looks like a burn). I’ve read a ton of older posts and saw that there was an adhesive issue back in 2016 (maybe Omnipod changed the formula), but I haven’t really found anything more recent. Are people still experiencing skin irritation with the pod or did someone finally figure it out?? I just want the thing to stay on and not itch. TIA

Sounds like an allergic reaction. You can be allergic to anything. I get the same reaction from some brands of medical tape.

This sounds bad to me. Does T:slim use the same adhesive?
Omnipod might not be a good fit for you. Thats a bummer.

Do you react to other adhesives? Like, medical tape?

I am allergic to every medical tape I’ve ever tried. But I am fine with the Omnipod, Dexcom and Skin Tac.

There are other tapes that people use as a barrier between their pod and skin that have worked for them. Hopefully they will be along shortly with the name of what they use. I just don’t remember.

I know I tried Grif Grips and reacted to those, but that is me and I can use Skin Tac!

I developed an allergy to Humalog that did that. Pods no…

Same. I’m ok with the G6 but my Omnipod starts to itch after a day. I found liquid bandage (Nexcare) helps.

There are a lot of suggestions on this site to help with adhesive allergies as well as on Fudiabetes. so I use an allergy med daily now to help prevent reactions.
My pump trainer suggested the following:

  1. use a skin prep wipe or spray before placing the pod.
  2. when removing use something to break the adhesive, so the pod falls off rather than pulling the pod off.
  3. after pod is removed slather site in coconut oil
    Seems like a lot of steps, but I am hoping it will help. I like my pods a lot!
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Another option I’ve heard of is to take generic flonaise spray that you normally use for your nose and spray the skin first. Maybe give that a try?

Tegaderm/Opsite film applied under the sensor/pod may help. My wife (not T1) is allergic to most tapes but can wear tegaderm without a problem. We use it under my son’s Dexcom and it has the added benefit of sticking to the skin much better than the sensor adhesive.

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Thank you all so much for your comments! I don’t think I have any allergies to any other kind of medical tape - I guess I just have sensitive skin. I’ll try the suggestions and speak with my Endo next time I see her.