Almost All Fundraising Thank You Gifts Sent

This morning we mailed almost all Red Level thank you gifts. We are still missing a few red thank you gifts which should be going out before the end of the week, along with the t-shirts winners during the last week of the fundraising campaign.

Sorry about the delay in getting these thank you gifts out! Due to delays in getting the t-shirts in and with all the work during October (with Making Sense of Diabetes) and November (with all things connected to World Diabetes Day), it was very challenging to get all these out!

Thank you SO much to everyone who donated.

If you want to make a donation, you can conveniently do so through the Donate button we have at the top.


i got my little gifts today. I am thrilled. I love the shirt and it is a thrill to have another membership card. Thanks so much.


Very glad you guys got the Thank You gifts!

This is our way to thank you for your support!

If you can take a photo wearing the t-shirt and post it, that would rock!

My gifts arrived Friday. Wheeeee! Love the shirt and the postcards. I have an endo appt. in a couple of weeks and plan to post the cards at the clinic. Very cool graphics, Andreina!

YAY!!! Take a photo when you wear the t-shirt and share it in the community when you get a chance.

Glad you liked the thank you gifts!! THANKS for your support, amiga!

I haven’t gotten mine yet :frowning: maybe today

Dear Marie, I am sorry for the delay.