TuDiabetes Shirt

I went to the DHF page http://tudiabetes.com/page/donate-to-dhf and saw the TuDiabetes shirt. Is there any way to buy just the shirt. I would like to get one for my other family members but I can’t donate 400 dollars for us all to get a shirt. I know this is an unimportant topic but I would like to support TuDiabetes and DHF and I also like wearing t-shirts (IT guys love t-shirts).

This would be a great idea if this would be made available! I am wondering if there are any plans to make shirts and such available for sale through the site. Manny, can you help us out here?

Depending on the outcome of the campaign (if we have enough t-shirts left), we may offer the t-shirts for sale. If not, if there is enough interest in t-shirts, we can put in an extra order. Either way, we would offer them for a reasonable prize.

Thanks so much, Mike!!!

Well, Papa :slight_smile: There are 8 in this family that would wear one if we could afford them:)

I really liked the shirt too! And definitely would consider buying one.

I would definitely like to buy just the shirt! I think it could be a good way to offset maintenance cost of the website or as donations for DHF. It would be an awesome option to have but if its not possible that is understandable. Maybe enough people will reply with interest to buy the shirt that it would be a worthwhile effort for you Manny. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody, then we will probably print some to offer for sale later. I am glad you all liked the design :slight_smile: It is the fist T-shirt we ever do, and we are very exited!!!

It is a GREAT design:) I definitely have family members who would wear them…I think it would be great to have all sizes…kids through adults. Thanks!

I would also love to purchase a shirt…and even the bag which is equally as nice!

Hey Manny, it might be a good idea to look at just selling the tees and bags with the proceeds going to the fundraiser

That was what I was thinking. Selling the shirts and bags with the proceeds going to maintaining the website and the foundations. I would love to be able to donate 100 dollars to get the shirt but that is not in the budget at this time but if I could buy just the shirt for 25 dollars (or whatever you need to sell them for) then I could easily swing that. Maybe if you could open an online shop with different apparel, bags, mugs, etc. it would hopefully generate the funds that you need. Thanks again for making a great social networking site and running great foundations :slight_smile:

Thought you’d want to know about this:

i would buy one

My wife will probably just steal mine. :slight_smile:


I would pay extra for the shirt. Add 3.00 donation per shirt bought. or more. like the susan foundation and all the pink products. You kill 2 birds with one stone. Our cause gets funding and we can be proud by wearing our shirts…snuggly socks with the logo would be great too…

BTW, on the donate page, I didn’t see a place to specify a t-shirt size or my user name, so I used the “Contact Us” page - hopefully my note found the right person!

Hi Jim, thank you very much for your kind donation. Yes, we got your note and we have your t-shirt size :slight_smile: Thank you very much

What happened is that since the donations go through Community Initiatives, we at DHF learn about them on a daily basis with a little delay, as soon as we do, then we will contact the donor and ask them about the size (for red level), send the badge and update the info on the supporter’s page. Sorry about the confusion, just a little protocol.

All people making a donation over 100 will be contacted about the t-shirt size and model! :slight_smile: