Fundraising thank you gifts starting to be sent out: your feedback please

We are starting to send out the thank you gifts associated with the fundraising campaign tomorrow. Those who have donated at the Green, Orange and Red levels prior to Aug. 1 should be receiving their thank you gifts in the coming days.

About the Community Supporter cards, for donations received after the above date, we have decided to have them printed as a plastic card instead of a laminated card, the way they will be mailed out to those who contributed prior to Aug. 1.

We would like to hear your feedback about the gifts, as you get them, to see if you feel it is a good idea to continue to offer these, if you are satisfied with the quality, if you have any other suggestions, etc. Please DO let us know what you think, whether positive or not, about the thank you gifts!

Again, thanks to all those who have contributed throughout the fundraising campaign. I remind those who have not who may be considering making a donation, that it will be going on until the end of September. To make a donation, read why we need your help.

I LOVE my water bottle and bag! the water bottle really holds a lot!

Here are some photos of the Thank you gifts we are sending:




The gifts look AWESOME! And I’ll admit to being a sucker because now I want to find a way to be in the red group. I want a TuDiabetes water bottle and tote bag… :slight_smile:

You should give a chance for us to give larger donations and therefore get a different gift package (if it’s not too much extra work). It might inspire people who already gave to give more (like me)!

I look forward to welcoming a new member whose answer to the question “How did you find TuDiabetes” is:
From the tote bag of the person in line in front of me at the grocery store.

You guys are great!!

Thanks for the compliment!

If you have already donated and want to get to the next level, you can. There’s a couple of members that have done that, so it’s not an issue. :slight_smile:

I just received my gifts.
Great idea about the pedometer, very useful!
Thanks a lot.

Glad to hear you got them and that you liked them!!

We will soon begin to send all the remaining Thank You gifts.

my pedometer wouldn’t open. even husband tried. i love my stuff too!

Oops! We will send you a replacement one. Sorry about that. :frowning:

its ok! :slight_smile:

May I suggest to sell these gifts to the public in the coming world diabetes day activities and other activities.My Hospital donated similar bags in addition to T shirts donated by NovoNordisk and my first poetry book all were sold in World diabetes day activities last year.All money bought strips for diabetic children in a small town in the south.

I am like Kristin, I want to get to the read level. Do we continue to send donations to the hands foundation address or can we still go through the chip thing?

Donations are still very much welcome, though the fundraising campaign over.

You can mail your donation to:
Diabetes Hands Foundation
P.O. Box 61074
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Thank you so much for your support!!

I’ll be sending more donations:)

You don’t need to, but THANKS a lot!!

Since you are going to be in town for the Hallmark Heroes shoot, if you want, you can bring in your donation in person (if it’s more convenient).

That is a great idea!

I like the idea. There is only one issue: the logistics behind selling the items ourselves is something that we are honestly not prepared to take on at this point, with so many things happening (I will be making an announcement about things to come) in the coming days…

The gifts at every level are lovely!

My two cents–whatever the gifts may be, I like the idea that they be something that gets the word out–like the window stickers. T-shirts, though expensive, are great for this.

You are right Gerri! T-shirts are great! we will do them eventually… since we need to order different sizes, and different models, men, women, kids… we decided to wait… but it will happen. :slight_smile:

just got mine today, and everything is wonderful! thanks so much