Almost Friday

So I went to the Endo today, and I guess it went pretty well. I think I fall into this trap where I expect to walk in and get some revolution that will change everything, and it just ain’t going to happen. I am going to have to make some real effort to get anywhere better. So, she had me adjust one basal rate in the afternoon, and that’s it. My blood pressure was really high too, so I am hoping if I get my sugars down to a normal level regularly, then perhaps I won’t feel like ■■■■ all of the time.

I met someone cool who sent me new music, and a bunch of emails today. It was pretty cool, I didn’t really focus on work, just kept going to me gmail. It’s so weird that I’ve never really talked much to anyone who has ■■■■ diabetes like I do, I wonder how that dynamic works.

So the headache’s pretty bad tonight, so I don’t intend to write too much. The kids are watching their 30 minutes of TV before we go read in bed, and I just finished watching Over The Hedge with my boy. I guess I’ll sign off and take something for my head and hope I can read a short story to him tonight and get to sleep.

Second day in a row I didn’t go to the gym. I want to believe it was because of the headache, but it was also because of the kids not wanting to stay home alone. Maybe I’ll need to start going midday on the days the kids are here.