Another trip to the endo

So my endo has decided she wants to see me every 4 weeks. I dont’ know if thats good or bad. Shes never shown me this much intrest the whole time i’ve been diabetic. BUT i want these sugars down to get going on baby number 2. The next appt were gonna do my a1c again. we’ll see what happens. With 8.2 last time…and it only being 2 months instead of the 3…i dont’ think were gonna see much of a change…but one can only hope. Theres been some stress i’ve been dealing with. I think i put too much on my shoulders and dont’ release any of it. I’m not good about telling people when they are bothering me and all. I bottle it all up and i think its taking its toll on my BS. AHHH!! One day at a time Rachael, One day at a time. Hope everyone else is FABULOUS!?