Sometimes I feel like giving up

When I have to go to El's house so she can give me some of her NovoRapid 'cause I'm stupid enough to let mine run out half way through my lunch bolus. And not have any spare. Stupid, eh?

When I've been up all night after an original 2.9 at the D of E training session that just won't budge. That eventually shoots to 11 and falls back to 5 in an hour. And that was just the start.


When I've dropped from 8 to 3 in half an hour with no NovoRapid on board.

When my head is killing me from another rebound high.

When the only thing running through my head is "why?"

Why does anyone have to go through this? Why do the poor little kids have to go through this? Why do we all have to carry so much more on our shoulders?

Why haven't we got a cure yet?

both of them are here on my computer… ah well internet confuses at times ;] I’m a lot better today and no highs or hypos as of yet, so that’s all good. had my flu and pneumococcal jabs earlier though - ouch!

I get soooo frustrated too all the time…it’s like I have T2 but my blood sugar still loves to play games with me. Like deciding to drop to 4.5 2 hours after lunch, when I’m in the middle of a lecture and don’t have food, like when my friends were late meeting for dinner and I had my first low in a long time, like when I forget to pop a pill after dinner and I spike higher than usual.

And you know I ask the same questions as you all the time. I wonder why other people my age don’t need to bother about how much they eat and what they eat and even what time they eat, or poke their fingers, or have medicine to take everyday. I cry every few weeks and say I hate diabetes and I wish it would go away and leave me alone.

I think we’ll never learn to love diabetes because it can be such a pain. I just think we need to reach a consensus with this (sometimes) unwelcome buddy of ours.