Almost two months in

Well, this is turning out to be easier when I thought it would be.

I found out from my endo earlier this week that my BG is exactly where they want it. !!! If only I could celebrate with a cake. Or maybe I’ll settle for just a slice of one.

I’m still unemployed. Maybe I’m NSFW or something. I did, however, apply as a Travel Counselor with Triple A. I found out this morning that 160 people, aside from myself, also applied for it. I hope I get it - I really need a job, plus the bennies would be sweet. It’s still bewildering how test strips can cost so much. People keep saying, “OH my god, cigarettes are SOOOOOO expensive!!!11.” You can quit smoking, I can’t quit being diabetic. Shove it.

One of the plus sides is that the bruises on my…love handles…(weird) from injections aren’t as apparent anymore. Does anyone get that burning sensation from a needle, only about once in ten times of injecting? I wonder what that means.

I did Mad Libs for the first time last night in about ten years. That was fun.

I should write a book about this. Or something.

yes, sometimes the needle either burns or hurts, other times I don’t even feel the needle. Mad Libs are fun. And I look forward to your first book.

hi Liz, I have a close friend who works in the careers industry and she writes about personal branding at this website

there’s even an area there with advice for new graduates. mad libs sounds fun.