I might make it till tommorrow...giggle

i think my little boo boo is cutting more teeth. It is so hard on her! oh and please be patient with me and learning how to use this website and blogging..i love learning and talking with new folks...so if i forget a name or don't ackknowledge I am here for everybody..i am a pretty good person most of the time or so my husband says. Giggle:)

does anyone have trouble with their pharmacies not having the BD meditronic test strips? i have been using walgreens because they are open 24/7 but it seems like when i go to get them filled they never have them...speaking of which i had a man tell me he knew how i felt, and I plainly told him NO YOU DONT! you don't have to test your sugar 8 times a day to make sure everything is ok..it is not a life or death march for you. You my friend get to take vacations. i don't. Diabetes is an every day deal for me. I have to know what my bloodsugar to take care of myself...now mr pharmacist do you know how i feel? I dont think walgreens cared for me too much since then and for some odd reason....i think they have my picture posted somewhere that says...please give this woman her test strips. my insurance company has offered to give me a new meter but i like my meditroninc coz i can download my bloodsugars to the computer and take them to my dr. I dont have to worry bout writing the #'s down.

I have laughed so hard at presley. we took our first family trip to mcdonalds the other day and I told richard to get her a cheeseburger happy meal with milk and apples. i couldnt find a highchair anywhere so we went ahead and sat down till one became available. I saw one so me and presley go to get it and i thought she was behind me. The little squirt had stopped at a ladies table and laid her head down on her leg and was talking to hwer and then i saw my child do it... she reached up and stole a french fry off the woman's tray! i didn't know whether to laugh scream or cry and then all I could think was please God dont let that woman have cooties! I was suprised at how well presley ate the hamburger...she ate almost half of it and drank her milk and ate some apples. i really have to watch what folks try to give to her. I guess the older generation didn't see anything wrong with an 18 month old eating peanuts and things like that. I was really shocked to learn my hubby gave her a hot dog the other day..I said please please tell me you cut it up..he said yes miranda very tiny pieces..maybe i am just a nervous nelly but our preachers wife wanted to give her marshmallows and sweet tarts! agggggggggghhhhh. I have since learned just to take it and hide it in the diaper bag. am I being over cautious? people always comment on how well she eats and she does..the only thing i havent been able to get her to eat is turnip greens!

aggh oh well i go to the endo tommorrow. I will just be happy if i havent gained any weight..please lord dont let me gain the weight <giggle> I have found the symlin to be effective with my weight control just not so much with my #'s. hello and everyone have a good day and a restful night! miranda

My Walgreens didn’t have 'em yesterday… So you are not alone.