Alternate Dexcom Charger

Hi All,
In my haste to pack our family of 4 for a 7 hour road trip to get to a funeral, I forgot to pack my daughter’s Dexcom charger. Needless to say I was a bit stressed. It was Sunday when I realized it and Dexcom did not have anyone answering the phones.
I was frantically searching the web to see if there may be a compatible cell phone charger or SOMETHING!!!
I guess I will call Dexcom and see if I can purchase an extra charger to keep in her insulin bag but it would be nice to know if we have something to fall back on just in case.
Thanks and Happy day.

where are you heading - perhaps someone there can let you borrow one for a recharge - lots of folks from many places on here - I’ve got a backup in the Atlanta area

Although I like the idea of a rechargable receiver, this is one of the negatives. With a receiver powered by AAA batteries (like the Navigator), one could always find replacements.

If you don’t mind divulging the city and state where you are, there is a good possibility that someone who reads this fourm is near enough to you so you can use their charger. Reading between the lines, I don’t think you are near me in central New Jersey or I would be glad to help you out.

I left mine on a trip and I got a hold of them and they would send it priority. I couldn’t find anything with the same plug either. so I have two now. And if you are in Colorado I’d give my mine.

Thank you so much for your sweet offers guys. What a wonderful caring group of people you are!! We are back home. I was just trying to prepare for the next time. It was unnerving wondering if her monitor would shut off in the middle of the night. She has epilepsy also and lows seem to trigger seizures she never had before diagnosis.
Happy day.

First line of defense is always have a spare.

As an electronics engineer it is though most frustrating that the industry would be better served if they could settle on some chargers that are universal and common that could be used in pinch. Unfortunately not today, Dexcom like so many others all think they are in the battery and charger business as well and only their unique unit/battery could do the job.

I wonder if they offer a battery pack type cross charger or car cigarette plug cable to also charge the unit? Any thoughts?

I am more than frustrated by Dexcom. My receiver did not work for days, and they did send a replacement. That took three days of phone calls. Finally, a man told me there is a tiny reset button on its back that can be accessed with a pin. Why didn't anyone mention that prior? So, they replaced the device, but they sent no charger and no case. My case is shot after less than a year; it will not stay clipped to my pants. I keep calling. Last Friday, and this is no exaggeration, I held on my cell for most of the day. A supervisor called after the operator paged him and he said they're always overwhelmed at year's end, but that they were training people. I calmly replied, "You should have trained them in November, not now." And I added Dexcom's number to my "friends and family" list ;(

We have used a generic micro usb to usb cable and an apple charging block to charge our Dexcom G4. No problems. I also just acquired a Frogz back up charger to try and see if it will recharge the Dexcom (originally designed to charge and iphone/smartphone).

yep, using my husband's cell phone charger since i left it in our hotel last week while on vacation! but glad i was easily able to find something to charge it. it was only my first week!

So does the dexcom 7 plus use a different charging port?

I know the G4 I recently got uses any standard USB to micro USB cable and would be east to find a cheap USB charger and cable if I forgot it on a trip. Even at hotels you can use the USB port that might be on the back of a TV or the cable/satellite box might have a USB port at your friends or families house.

Now that more medical equipment is starting to come with rechargeable batteries I do hope the FDA in the US makes the micro USB charging port standard so we only need to carry one charger and cable. I thought the micro USB would be good since the dexcom G4 and T:Slim pump both already use that port. I know in some countries like the UK they force an standard charging port for things like cell phones.