Haen't been on in a while and I can't find my dexcom, not sure what to do

Ugh, I haven't been on this site in a long time as I had trouble navigating the new set up. I moved into a new place in January and haven't used my dexcom due to my job being too demanding. Now that I have the hang of my new job I wanted to start up my dexcom again. Well, I can't find the receiver or the transmitter :(. I have no idea what to do. I have BCBS of MA and can't afford really to pay out of pocket due to my lovely pay and bills, etc I need to tend to. Any suggestions? I went back to using neighborhood Diabetes as I went through Animas for my supplies and got stuck with the whole bill which I am still fighting! Just what I need near the holidays.

Have extra receiver…if you can send me your address

Thanks Jim! I’ll PM you. Now I just need a transmitter then I can be back in the game. You sure you do not need it?

dexcom only has a one year warranty, so in theroy you might be eligible for a g4 with a copay.... Im looking for a replacement transmitter myself, its half the cost of a new unit...


Perhaps you can get insurance to cover the G4 upgrade. The insurance company doesn't need to know it is a replacement. My insurance will cover a new CGM after a year - which will help if/when I decide to upgrade to the G4.

I lost a receiver on a bike riding vacation. There's an extra receiver laying somewhere along the C&O Towpath, near Paw Paw. ;) DexCom shipped overnight a one-time replacement receiver for $200 to our next stop on the ride.

There are several DexCom 7+ auctions on eBay.

Good luck...

I'm quite upset :(. I can't get the new G4 with my insurance! And here is why....A copy of the email that I received from a rep at Neighborhood Diabetes

"I called to verify benefits with your insurance company and they said you have no prescription coverage on your policy. Sensors would be going from our pharmacy, so in order for us to verify cost for sensors, we need that card number. Do you have another card for prescriptions? As far as the new Dexcom G4 cgm kit, you will be covered at 80%. Leaving you with a 20% co insurance. Appx cost for this would be $218.00."

after emailing her in regards to that I get

"Thank you. The $218 would be a onetime cost for the actual transmitter and receiver. We would need a down payment of $50 minimum prior to shipping. I just emailed your RX info to our pharmacy to get you an idea of what the monthly cost would be for the sensors."

After replying to that I get

"We looked into you pharmacy benefit and it looks like the cost of 2 months worth of sensors is $2,341.56. The G4 sensor are a covered benefit, but the insurance does not pay anything towards it which means the customer has to pay 100%. With that being said, cash pricing for this item would be cheaper. For 1 box ( 1 month) of the G4 sensors the cost would be $423. Unfortunately we cannot set up a payment plan for the sensors so the $423 a month would have to be paid in full prior to us shipping them. I know the cost is very high, please let me know if you want to move forward with this or if you would like me to close out your file. Thanks"

I cant afford that at all. So I am so upset that I can't even go back to the CGM at all. It makes me wished I was back on State insurance instead of the insurance through my job. So whats the point of having insurance when it doesn't cover much? Grrrr

Diabetes Neighborhood is making a confusing statement - "The G4 sensor are a covered benefit, but the insurance does not pay anything"..

Sometimes insurance plans specify that a certain supplier must be used. So since this statement is coming from the supplier (Diabetes Neighborhood), I suggest you contact your employer benefits dept or review your insurance Pharmacy benefits plan.
The transmitter/receiver might be covered as 'DME', by your plan, and the sensors covered by pharmacy. In my case, I use a mail order service for coverage for my sensors, that is able to file claims with my pharmacy benefit plan (which is different than where my DME claims go).

Usually Dexcom will actually do some of that legwork for you, if you provide both your insurance and pharmacy information to them. Dexcom identified Foundation Care for me, that I have been very happy with.

Thanks Megaminxx.....I asked recently to Diabetes Neighborhood if we started over if the cost was the same and they said yes. I may contact someone at Dexcom directly and see what they tell me. I just really want to be back on the CGM as my sugar levels are all over the place especially at work!