Left home for 2 weeks vacation; forgot one diabetes supply

The Dexcom charger! I was depressed for about an hour with the prospect of our son being sensor-less. Then I realized that Dexcom headquarters is in San Diego and that is where we are at!!! Will call on Monday and hopefully we can receive it at the campsite by Tuesday. Of course he left home with only 1 bar but I’ll just have him test more if it dies on us.
What supply(s) have you all forgotten and how did you manage?

Just looked up where they are located, so close we could probably pick it up tomorrow! Yay.

I have been in a similar situation - it’s easy to forget the Dexcom charger.

:slight_smile: I collected all of his extra supplies, but charger resides next to his bed and I didn’t give it one thought, and neither did he til we got here.

Sometimes I have forgotten test strips - so have to inject “blind” - but not for a period of time. I do take a spare testing kit and that has diffferent testing strips to my main one.

Maybe keeping a spare charger in his backpack would work next time I guess.

I managed to forget insulin once. On a business trip. It was seriously embarassing. Thank goodness I always have a standing prescription at CVS for insulin. I had to pay the full retail price, but it was better than not having any insulin at all.

One thing that helps is a little checklist I keep on my iPhone notepad. I list all the D things I have to make sure to have with me before leaving the house and I run through that each time I plan on being gone for longer than a day. It has really helped.

Oops insulin, really. wow. Checklists are great, we were going off one but from last year’s packing list which didn’t include cgms supplies, so I was just grabbing what I thought we would need. Latvianchick just reminded me that we also didn’t bring a backup testing kit. Luckily those are easy to come by if needed.

Picked up Dexcom the charging cable at their Headquarters yesterday, it was close and virtually hassle-free. Lucky for us.