Alternative to Edgepark?

I think this was discussed once before but I can’t find the thread:

What provider do those of you on Medicare use for your pump supplies? I used to have Liberty Medical and they were great, but since Edgepark bought them out, I’ve had nothing but problems. Having to call 2-3 times to get an order shipped, having them call back 2-3 times to ask questions they should have asked the first time, or questions they did ask but somehow didn’t put into their records. Can’t place a re-order online because they want you to have only about 2 weeks worth of sets left, but on their site whatever number you enter is boxes, not units (1 box is 10 units, which would last me 30 days.)

The last straw just happened. I asked that my order be shipped a couple of days early because I was going on vacation. The order came the day I left, and I didn’t have time to check it. One of the items they shipped was the wrong item…a barrier tape. They shipped an IV surround tape instead, which won’t work because there’s no center, and I’m allergic to the adhesive on the back of the quicksets. So now I have to call them and hope they can ship the correct item overnight, because I’m due to go into the hospital a week from Monday for a second total knee replacement and I only have one barrier tape left, which I’ll be needing to use by this coming Tuesday. Hopefully they’ll come through, but it’s getting to be such a pain to deal with them that I’d like to switch providers.

So…anybody use another Medicare-approved provider and what has your experience with them been like?

Thanks for any input.

I think Byram Healthcare is a little better then Edgepark. I switched over to them because I thought Edge sucked.

Not sure it they are medicare approved, but I think they are a little better.

I use Solara Medical. Dexcom used them when I changed CGMs. Edgepark was bad. I’ve been happy with Solara.

Edwards and CCS have been great for my wife

never a problem -

ccs for tubing
edwards for Libre

HI Ruth4, I’m on Medicare & I got my Tslim X2 pump & supplies from “CCS Medical”. They have always been Prompt & Friendly and we’ve had great service with them. We’ve heard that “US Med” carry the supplies for the Dexcom CGM, if you can’t get them directly from Dexcom… Hope this helps!

I wish I had an option, but BCBS of NC made an exclusive deal with Edgepark for pump and CGM supplies. Even though my insurance is from California, it goes by the NC network since I live in NC. This was so unexpected that it took the customer service people from my insurance forever to figure out I had no options. Absolutely ridiculous for what is supposed to be higher end insurance… They said it was “to save patients money” yet Edgepark charges 2-3x as much for everything…

It might be worth checking with ADW if they accept your insurance. I have ordered some stuff out of pocket from them, and I know they accept some insurance. Their prices are good and they have had excellent customer service in my experience.