Edgepark Alternative

Edgepark is DEAD TO ME. I am done. Where do you get your supplies?

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CCS and they are awesome - I am on Medicare + supplement

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This is the place? Thank you for sharing.

I used Edgepark and they were terrible. Always blamed my doctor’s office on the delay in shipment due to paperwork, which was not true.
I have used Wellstart 1-800-978-7599, for the last 2 years and they have been great.

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I have had a similar experiences with Edgepark. Most recent exchange:

August 31 - Edgepark refused to send new Dexcom Sensors & Transmitter until I paid $1,360.00 at which point I contacted my insurance rep.

September 8 - My insurance rep provides me with my Estimate of Benefits and says that I owe Edgepark $584 and then my deductible will be met.

September 10 - Edgepark still holding my Dexcom Sensors & Transmitter hostage for $1,360.00

September 13, 2022 - Edgepark calls to tell me that my insurance won’t pay for the Dexcom Sensors & Transmitter because it is now “too close to the October order” and so I will need to wait for that order to receive them.

And I am 18 days away from having no sensors.

I also use ccs medical, and been ok. Some issues in beginning, but now get regular shipments on schedule. Their website is not that helpful, but not needed once auto ship and billing, with email notifications.

I previously used Byram with difference insurance, and overall they were good too.

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Same. Then I had to switch to Edgepark. I am so exhausted and frustrated by them.

US MED has been wonderful for Dexcom supplies. They e-mail every 3 months asking if I need a delivery. They have never been late and once I signed up, I have never been asked for anything from the doctor.
I am on Medicare, but my Dexcom supplies are paid by my supplemental insurance.


Yes, that is the place. Sorry to have not been more specific at the outset, but I have been swamped with work today. Thank you for your patience

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Why is that confirmation email response required? I prefer auto delivery without my intervention. CCS Medical does pump supplies for me.

I get dexcom G6 from local Costco via pharmacy benefit. They can fill in 1 day, usually with better expiration dates. Limited to 30 day supply, but fine since I do regular trips there anyway.

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This is great! I did not know CostCo could fill the Sensor Rx

To me pushing a button on my keyboard is much, much easier than hassling with Costco.

I like being aware of when my Dexcom supplies are being shipped. I can also change the delivery address if I am out of town.

Finding a good mail order vendor for diabetic equipment depends upon getting a good match with your payment method and what the company is willing and able to do for meeting your needs. Years ago I use Byram for several years and then they refused to fill any more orders and blamed it on my insurance coverage even though it had not changed and they had been paid for every order. The order people knew this and took my orders but the shipping department refused to send them. I had to have my insurance company BCBS call them every time to get any supplies shipped so they advised me to find a better company.

I switched to Better Living Now and initially I had a lot of problems with them but once Medicare started paying for the Dexcom supplies and my Insurance for Omnipods, things got better at getting supplies shipped in a timely manner.

Their billing in always behind and sometimes the Insurance company has to call them to tell them when they cashed a payment check. They do follow the Medicare guidelines so there is that extra hassle. They can’t ship more than one month supplies and have to call you before every shipment to do the Medicare questions but then they ship them quickly.

Sounds familiar. This is what prompted me to ask who others use.

That’s a good point.
My preference for local pickup is that they are less likely to be sitting in hot delivery trucks, planes etc, and in general later expiration dates.

But I put up with that for pump supplies, and get 90 day shipments with tracking alerts. Usually a 3-4 day shipping.

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Since it is the insurance plan that chooses the supplier, I would think that policy holders (after all we - or our employers- pay the premiums together with health care providers could raise a big enough stink to get insurance plans to stop giving the contracts to Edgepark. I’ve never heard anything good about them.

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I was forced kicking and screaming into using Byram and then they turned ou5 to be easier than dealing with dexcom directly so yea. It’s been pretty easy no problems.

I get a 90-day supply of both pump supplies and Dexcom supplies under Medicare. The Medicare contract with Dexcom is a monthly contract but many (most?) suppliers are now sending out 90-day supplies but billing Medicare monthly. I would hate to go back to dealing with monthly shipments of my supplies.

Better Living Now does not have a good billing department so there is no way they could ever figure out how to send a 90 day supply and then bill it out monthly. They have enough trouble just trying to record payments they receive and they are usually behind in their billings and usually send out bills for things already paid. But they do send out supplies in a timely manner so I can just ignore their bills and toss them when they come. The only time i needed to pay anything was at beginning of year when Medicare has a deductible that must be met each year.

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This is exactly the problem with Edgepark. The fact that they say I owe $1,360 when I know I owe $585 doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that they refuse to ship needed medical supplies until I pay the $1,360.

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