Edgepark is the worst!

Dealing with Edgepark is exhausting. Every single order has a problem. I got the confirmation email for this months order and it wouldn’t let me confirm online. I called and they told me that they just need to move the order from the 13th to the 17th. Fine. I get a call yesterday and they leave a voicemail saying there is a problem with the order and it didn’t ship. I called back and the lady told me no one from Edgepark had called me. There is no record of anyone from the company talking to me this month. She said the order has always been set for the 25th and has been confirmed already. What?! I have started recording every conversation with them. We have only been dealing with them for less than 2 months. The initial order came wrong. It took alot of phone calls for them to ship the right supplies back. His first continue care order wouldn’t let me confirm and I had to make many phone calls to get his supplies shipped late. 4 times they have dropped the ball in less than 2 months. What is the world is going on? We go on vacation next month and at this point I don’t know if we will ever get his supplies. We go through Premier Kids for Dexcom and I don’t ever have to call them. They call me and tell me his supplies are on the way and they’re in the mailbox within 3 days.

Edgepark for what type of supplies? I see your son gets Dexcom supplies but I don’t see what type of other supplies you are referring to.

Tslim x2 supplies

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My biggest issue (ongoing) with supplies is with Medicare and my strips. I spent probably at least 2 hours since Friday dealing with the same old, same old. Walgreens can’t process my 90 day supply because it won’t go thru Medicare. Walgreens tells me that Medicare needs yet another CMN form filled out by my doc. 3 days later, I found out that’s incorrect. Medicare just can’t get it’s head out of its posterior. And they approve the payment. sigh. almost the same thing happened on my previous 90-day order. For a year and a half on Medicare I didn’t have this issue and now it seems to be a every-order issue for the strips. Not only that, they give me a “86 day” supply now, instead of 90, because the 100 count boxes of strips don’t divide evenly into my strips-per-day usage. CRAZY!

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had edgepark and i agree. they screwd me over back in 2013 when i had issues with my health insurance and i didnt know that my insurance terminated and if i known i wouldnt of had them send me the supplies until i had it straightened out and got a bill when they are suppose to be doing insurance verification. it was a hassle ordering supplies from them as well. i would never go back to edgepark. i was with liberty medical but now they are part of edgepark. so now i go through CCS medical. As i said they never did an insurance verification. I agree with the order not being sent as they say. Do you still have the voicemail from edgepark when they called you? that proves that someone called you. sometimes they dont write notes in your acct when they are suppose to be. Ive had that issue happen. Hope everything gets resolved in time for your facation

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Yep, Edgepark sucks. Try Byram Healthcare. They are easier to deal with.


i just noticed that the company is based out of my state. off topic tho but if i ever have trouble with CCS medical i know who i can try. i requested a catalog so i can see what they have

I agree. They are horrible. When an order took five different phone calls, I switched. I used Solara now and have no problems.


i also forgot if you report them to the BBB they dont do anything in regards to it. they close the case. That is what they did with me. Instead of helping through the matter they disregarded it

I thought I was the only one dealing with these issues with Edgepark. I am not alone I see. Edgepark is absolutely horrible to deal with. Every 3 months i have to have multiple phone conversations to get things moving.

Another annoying thing with Edgepark is for Dexcom users. You can’t order sensors and transmitters from the same dept. You have to talk to 2 different departments to reorder both. I understand that the transmitters are considered DME but give me a break.

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My last order of infusion sets from Edgepark, I only got half of. Had to go online to see the rest were back ordered. Called to find out when I could expect them and couldn’t get a definite answer. They did end up coming five days later but some communication in the beginning would have been nice.

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Ditto on Edgepark. They were so frustrating to deal with. I mean it’s not rocket science. I don’t understand how someone can be that bad and still stay in business. Switched to Byram for my last order for Dexcom. What a difference. When I called Edgepark to tell them I was done with them, they were like “Whatever.” Guess they get that a lot.

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I have never used Edgepark, but can say that Byram has worked well for me.

Dealing with Edgepark is almost like dealing with my insurance company. They’re always friendly on the phone and seem to want to be helpful…but they do not gfollow through. I’ve still got some Edgepark billing issues unresolved from 6 months ago. Unfortunately my rinky dink insurer requires Edgepark for all CGM supplies.


Sorry for the issues youve had. I guess Ive been lucky…been using Edgepark for pump supplies for about 8 years, never had an issue.

I wouldn’t recommend Edgepark to any living being.


They stay in business because they don’t have to care. They have deals with insurers to ensure that many people don’t have a choice where they go. If people could afford to buy from wherever they wanted to then they would probably go out of business fast, or change their ways to avoid going out of business.

I was told by my new insurance company when my employer switched insurers that I had to use Edgepark and couldn’t order supplies directly from the manufacturer anymore (even though Edgepark charges 2-3x as much for the supplies), so I have been stuck with them a few years. I am still trying to get an answer from my insurance (which is not some basic policy with some small insurer) what other places I can order from that are in network, but they don’t seem to know what they are doing.

UPDATE! Edgepark is still terrible. Completely deleted his Continucare order this month without notification. When I call to ask about his order they tell me he doesn’t have one so we will have to go through the prescription verification process again.

I am now scrambling to get Premier Kids Care to take over his pump supplies so we won’t have to go MDI. I actually hate this company.

I actually just got an email from the “Director of Patient Experience” of Edgepark with a satisfaction survey. I haven’t filled it out yet as i need time to write all the crap i need to say!

I have been trying to find a new supplier, but I am starting to think that my “top notch” insurance only has Edgepark as the only supplier of pump supplies! I think it may be because I am in NC and even though my insurance is Anthem BS (that is the perfect acronym for them and every other insurance company) of CA, since it is billed through BCBS of NC, I think Edgepark is the only option since apparently BCBSNC struck a great deal that “benefits patients by saving them money” (even though Edgepark charges WAY more than other places) with Edgepark to make them the sole in network supplier of insulin pumps and supplies.