Alternatives to Diasend

I use Diasend to download my pump (Animas Ping) and CGM (Dexcom G4) data for review by myself and my endocrinologist. It occurs to me that my access to Diasend is through a subscription provided by Animas… So what other options are available? It seems that those of us who use Diasend through an Animas subscription may lose access in the coming months or years. Does the software used by other pump companies (such as OmniPod) allow download of CGM data as well?

We were in a similar situation as yourself. However once we switched to the Tandem t:slim X2, it took only an email to Diasend customer support and they made a tweak to our account which allowed us to continue using the Diasend with our Tandem. There was no mention of any billing.

And may I point out that uploading the Tandem t:slim is a JOY compared to the brutality of uploading the Animas.

For anybody who has not uploaded the Animas Ping - I could not possible describe the pain. For those who have - no more need be said.


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That’s great to hear that switching is so easy!

That’s one of the things I’m looking most forward to. At this point I’ll be switching to either the OmniPod or t:slim (if they’re coming to Canada next year…I hear mixed messages), and I imagine both of those will have a much easier and more modern upload process.

@Jen - In terms of Tandem, the CEO has just publicly stated (in 2017 Q3 Earnings Call) they will definitely be FILING for approval in Canada before the end of this year (2017). As well he said (for the first time) that in terms of international launch (after approval obviously) that Canada would be prioritized to come FIRST.

BTW Jen - Do you have any insight as to how long devices similar to the Tandem or Omnipod take to gain approval in Canada? Does it seem a fairly random process in terms of amount of time or is there any guidelines you would make assumptions upon? Particularly for devices such as both of these which are already approved and very much in use in other countries.

For the Diasend and Tandem, it is USB upload. Plug your cable in (any old generic standard micro USB cable - nothing special). Run the Diasend uploader. It picks it up finishes the process in about 5 seconds. Consistently.

I’ve only used Tidepool with my Tslim X2.

There’s no issue at all uploading Omnipod data to Diasend. Though I find it takes slightly longer than the 5 seconds @Tim35 experiences.

But I’m puzzled by this talk of subscriptions. In the beginning, I just went to the website, registered, and plugged in my PDM (and later my Dexcom). Do people with pump-company subscriptions get features the common rabble don’t?

All I know is that similar to @Jen our “subscription” was associated with Animas. I have no idea if Diasend used to operate on a different business model or what.
Initially when we went to upload (into Diasend) our Tandem t:slim X2 for the first time after switching from the Animas Ping, the upload did not work. I placed a support ticket with Diasend who said they made a change to our account and we were now all set to keep using it.
I noticed no change in what Diasend features we have access to but there are enough screens in there that something could have changed and I might not even notice.

I can time the next upload. I may have exaggerated - not really sure. It is just such a night and day difference between the Animas Ping and the Tandem t:slim X2 in terms of the Diasend upload. I would never choose or not choose a pump based on how long or the difficulty in uploads (lol) but it is just a nice side benefit we get anyway. Even with the bad diasend upload, I still loved our old Animas Ping. But nothing lasts forever. Not the Ping and not Animas. Unfortunately.

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I don’t have any particular insights. It seems quite random to me. Some devices, such as the Ping, get here before they reach the US. Some, like the Libre, come at about the same time. Some, such as the Dexcom, come half a decade later. I’m not sure how much of it may be companies not applying and how much may be the length of the application process. I heard somewhere that a year or two may be about average from application submission to approval. I know that the Libre took two to three years to get approved here, even though it was being used in Europe. Here’s hoping that the t:slim doesn’t take that long. I haven’t been able to use the t:simulator app (I need a US credit card to switch app stores, apparently, as it refuses my Canadian one as well as my Canadian PayPal account), but I like what I see in videos.