Diasend supporting T:slim and Dexcom

Hi all,
in case there are those out there who didn't know this, the excellent (and free) Diasend site now not only supports uploads from Dexcom units but also t;slims. I tried this the other day having read that Tandem and Diasend were going to work together and it works really well. Much easier to look at the CGM results in the context of the insulin delivered too.

There's an article here.

Thanks for the post and the article. WHen I started reading the article I could feel my blood begin to boil - I hate when things are clinician only. I mean who makes all the dosing decisions and settings? WE DO! Glad to learn there is a way around it. THanks again.

Thank you for the information about Diasend. I was able to upload my meter and CGM but the T-Slim would not. First it got to 92% up;loaded and then I got an error message that the device has been rejected. I tried several other times and got the same thing. The next time I tried to up load the T-Slim it would not even discover the device. Any tricks I should try? Thanks

Afraid not. It worked for me first time though I did see others had issues with the same problem. I would try the usual things - reboot the PC/Mac before trying.

Best of luck!

Have you used an Animas pump in the past? If your Diasend account is an Animas account then you won’t be able to use that account to upload any other pumps or devices but Animas, Dexcom, and meters.

Before I switched to TSlim I set up a new personal Diasend account. I wanted to be able to link my Fitbit and Animas accounts didn’t support this. After I switched to TSlim I was able to download the TSlim to the new account. Initially I had difficulty with the cgms but all is working now.

Also Diasend’s customer support is great. You can try emailing them for assistance.

I contacted Diasend and below is there response.

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Adam Greenwald, Jan 14 21:39:
Hi David,

Thank you for contacting Diasend Support! In the past, it was required to register for a new account in order for non-Animas devices to upload into your account. Currently, we offer the Classic Diasend account (for Animas only users) and the new Diasend United account. The United account is an account with slightly more features and the ability to upload all Diasend compatible devices (including your Dexcom and t:slim). I would be more than happy to change the account over for you, I would just need you to confirm the username on your account. This is much easier that registering for a new account. All of your existing data and information will transfer to your new account and nothing will change. Your username and password will remain the same and this is still a free service. Please let me know if there are any additional questions or concerns. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to assisting you further.

I am frustrated with this company. I got the same error as you did and got a response, however when I tried to reply to the response saying that wasn't the issue....I never heard another word from them again...been a few weeks now. Very frustrated with them.

Previously I’ve always received prompt replies from Diasend the rare times I’ve had problems. I don’t think it’s ever taken them longer than 24 to 48 hours in the 4 plus years I’ve been using Diasend. I would try emailing again.

I had been corresponding by email with Diasend over nor being able to upload my T-Slim. Through multiple contacts (done Promptly) and multip;le tries to solve the problem tey suggested I call them. I called over wek ago and left a message with the details for the piurpose of the call. It hs ben about 10 days since that call and I have recieved no call back. I also sent aditional emails and have had no response.What a way to run a company!

Were you finally able to get in touch with Diasend and get your Classic (Animas) account converted to the United/Personal account?

Before I found this message I had the same problem couldn’t upload the t:slim info to my “Animas” account, so I created a new Personal account with a different email address. I did upload the t:slim and Dexcom info but got an error at 49% with the Ping meter. I kept on using the Ping meter because I still have a lot of the OneTouch strips. So my next question is, if you continued to use the Ping meter were you able to upload the info to the United/Personal account?

I was able to et the Animas acount converted. But the T-Slim still would not upload. I have calledand emiled Diasend about tis with no response. A new problem has now occured. My Verio meter will not upload to TConnect even though it hs many times before on my iMac. Tandem had no remedy either.

That is happening with me on my iMAC, but I also have a MacBook Air and it seems to be working fine with uploading my Verio IQ meeter to my T: Connect. I am not sure if its a bug with the iMAC specifically with an update....but if you have another computer....give it a try. Thats what I finally had to do.

I still think there is an issue with the Diamond software and with the T:Slim and it is NOT on OUR end as many people are encountering this on both Macs and PCs. Very frustrating!

  1. Do you have the latest version of the Diasend uploader software installed?
  2. Did you install it before or after your account was converted?
  3. When you login to your account is the top portion where it says your name a bluish gray and the tab a darker bluish gray or a dark navy blue and yellow tabs?

Since I have two accounts the original “Animas” and a new Personal one, which I registered with a different email address/username, I noticed that difference. When I log into “Animas” account it is the bluish gray one and the Personal is navy.

If your account has the dark navy and yellow tabs try the following. I haven’t tried it but let’s see if it works.

  1. Click on My Profile tab in the Review My Data tab
  2. In the Insulin Pump section, in Serial Number 1 the number should be your Animas SN (serial number).
  3. Enter your t:slim’s serial number in Serial Number 2 and click on the round grayed out button; now it should be black and Animas grayed out. The SN is on the box, if you no longer have it call tandem’s customer support and request it.
  4. Log out.
  5. Make sure you have the latest version of the Uploader installed and try to upload your t:slim.

Regarding your Verio I don’t use t:connect because I upload it to Diasend and my CGM (Dexcom).

I really hope this works for you if not then I think the easiest solution would be what I did register for a new Personal account with a different email address at https://www.diasend.com/register/. And then you can upload your t:slim, Verio and CGM if you have one or get one later on. Even though I use a Dell laptop with Windows 7 I don’t think it is a Mac problem because your t:slim problem is the same I had using the Animas account.

Let me know if the problem is solved if not I’ll try to find another way to resolve it.

Thank you so much for your input. I appreciate it. I will check these suggestions out and get back to you. Thanks again.

The serial number was not in My Profile so I added it and it still would not upload past 92%. I do not know what is the new version of Uploader. My version is 2.1.0 (R2b05). The Diasend account I have is Navy Blue in the upper section before the tabs. The tabs are creme color with Black letters. I assume that is a new account because a support person at Diasend said he had deleted my old account so I created a new one.

Yea that still doesn't work for me either...great though! I get stuck at 92% and then its rejected.

When you said

“I assume that is a new account because a support person at Diasend said he had deleted my old account so I created a new one.”

  • Wasn't he supposed to convert your old account?
  • When you created the new account did you use the same email address/username as your old account?

“The serial number was not in My Profile so I added it and it still would not upload past 92%.”

  • Did the new account have your Animas serial number in Serial Number 1?

The previous time(s) you tried to upload did you also get up 92%?

Did you upload your Verio?

Which OS X version do you have? The Uploader states that it has to be 10.6 or later.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the Diasend Uploader? If you haven’t, try it.

  • Maybe the problem lies in the Diasend Uploader that was installed for the Animas pump. It could be that it installed a specific driver for the Infrared Wireless Adapter that is used with the Animas pump and that it is interfering with the t:slim upload.
  • After uninstalling reboot your computer, that is something I like to do after uninstalling software even though it may not be required. And then re-install the Uploader.

The only other thing I can think of is to enter the t:slim’s serial number in the Serial Number 1 position and Animas’s in Serial Number 2. Make sure the button next to the t:slim's number is black.

Good luck!

I will try and answer your questions in order.
He told me he deleted it.
2. New account was created with same User name and password.
3. New account had no Animas number and I added T-Slim number
4. I got as far as 92% overtime.
5. Verio would not upload at all even after I entered serial number in My Profile.
I am using the latest version of Maverick.
Apparently my Uploader is an old one. I can not find a Mac version on the Diasend site, Do you have a link to it?
6. If I can get the correct installer I will uninstall the one I have and follow your instructions. The one I have is from when I was using Animas. All I need is to find where the Mac Installer is located on Diasend's site. Thank you so much for your continuing help - I really appreciate it.
PS The Verio also will not upload to the T-Connect Site either. It used to connect but no more.

Below is a correspondence I recieved from Diasend.

Nicole Gerk, Mar 7, 00:09:
Hello David, I apologize for the late response, we have recently discovered a issue with our software and the T-Slim. We are currently working in conjunction with T-Slim to get this resolved. I have noted your email address and will be in contact with you as soon as we have a solution.
Kind Regards,

Customer Support, Diasend INC

I hope this helps those of you who are having difficulty wth Diasend.