Always hungry

Hi I am new here and I would like some advice,I was diagnosed type 2 Nov.2007. I was doing ok,eating right feeling full,lost weight.And now I feel hungry all the time,does anyone have any suggestions,I’m not on any meds right now just diet and exercise.

Welcome Liz… I have not been around here that long but I have reaped the benefits of knowledge from people living with this… It really helps!
As far as always being hungry that is the way I have lived my life. I have always had a weight problem. Now that it is a diabetes problem (Eating) I have learned a few tricks that I am forcing to work… The main one is water. I dehydrate fast. If I am sweating, I am all ready in trouble. If I am truly hungry, I all ready am in trouble (A binge is waiting to happen) – at least now my binges are small but they still have more carbs than a diabetic should have.

My solution to both problems is water… I don’t seem to have to focus on food as much when I keep myself hydrated… I believe it also keeps me full. I also try very hard to plan my day of food at the beginning of the day… than if I need to eat, I eat what was planned…knowing that that is all I get… besides the munching on veggies if I really need something…
good luck

Thanks Mary I will try it!

I was told by my doctor not to over drink water because it could damage my kidneys and deplete my body of much needed minerals. I get so thirsty when my blood sugars are crashing so I grab a gluscose table or drink a small amount of juice. I also drink half of a bottle of waler about 6 oz.