Am I developing kidney problems? Blood test shows low eGFR

Hi Everyone,

I had posted earlier about swollen extremities and now blood test shows low eGFR of 54 when it should be over 60. Is this serious? I've been taking ibuprofen for fractured ankle and have read that it is metabolized in kidneys -- think I'll switch to acetominophen.

Also, my glucose meter read 107 fasting but blood test said 148. Inaccurate meters are unacceptable! I need a pump.

Thanks everybody!

In short, yes, low GFR is an indication of kidney damage which is serious, but don’t panic!!!

If they just did a blood test, they looked at your serum creatinine level and did a calculation of your GFR using a formula for estimated creatinine clearance. It’s just an estimation and to get a better idea of your GFR alone, it would be good to do a 24 hour urine to see how much total creatinine you clear. eGFR just depends on too many other variables and it’s not conclusive in and of itself.

For example, based on my serum creatinine, I have a eGFR of 81. My 24 hour urine and creatinine clearance showed an GFR of 123.

You also have to look at how much, if any, protein you are spilling in your urine.

So, there are a few more tests to run before you can conclude anything.

Thanks, FSH! Will test further as you’ve recommended.

Np, they’ll do some kind of urine test for sure, spot or 24 hour, and probably a CMP looking for serum albumin, creatinine, and BUN.


Hi Cynthia and Fred,

I realize I’m barging in on an old thread here, but I’ve just received some similar lab results to the one you describe above, and I’ve got a further question!

Fred, do you happen to know the formula they use for the eGFR? Mine was 57, with a serum creatinine of 94. My urine microalbumin (ACR) was <1.0 (mmol? should be <2.8 anyway), so I seem fine there, but I’m still wondering about this eGFR (new term to me!). Is it a concern if I’m not spilling any protein?

I’ll be seeing my doc in a few days, but FHS usually gives better explanations. :slight_smile: