eGFR result

I have been thinking for a little bit that my kidneys were starting to take a turn for the worse. I had an internist suggest to me after testing that my kidney function were going down to around 70-60%. I also had a nutritionist tell me that the swinging from up to down or down to up was also bad for the kidneys and contributes to kidney disease, which started to worry me. But now I just got some blood results back and my eGFR is slightly above 100, which is normal. So, why did this internist make me feel like there was a problem with my kidneys? I can’t understand it. My question is, what are the tests that determine kidney function and can one test be normal and another be not? Thank you in advance for any responses. It is a little worrying to think about. I don’t really want to be confused about this.
Other than that I’m showing some mild signs of osteoarthritis, early, and I am going to start eating some foods that will help that, such as broccoli, fish, olive oil, nuts, ect., and eliminating artificial sweetners mostly, it will be tough because I’ve always loved diet soda.
Hey, so thanks again, and hi to all of you. I hope you all are managing well through these strange and difficult times.
All the best.

Contrary to popular belief your kidneys can repair some minor damage over time. That being said you were probably dehydrated when you took your test. I always drink a couple glasses of water before I get my bloodwork done. About an hour before. If you are consistent you will see a more accurate trend.
I think sometimes internists just assume you are diabetic for x years and expect a problem.
I had my retinal photos taken. My doctor snail mailed me copies and told me they are normal but there are spots that we need to watch. I’ve never had anyone say anything before. But that was at my 20 year anniversary and I wrote that on the card they use to look at them.
The next year I wrote 15 years and I didn’t hear back. Then I wrote 17 years. Then I wrote 22 years and I got another message from the doctor to watch them more carefully. No one actually looks at my chart to check.
From then on I write 19 years. If something is there they will tell me. I think they have a cut off for 20.
Sometimes doctors just look at your data and come up with what is likely.


I would have the test repeated if you can. If you want, go see a nephrologist.
This person should be very knowledgeable about diabetes and kidneys.