Am I hearing something?

I’ve been using the Minimed 522 & sensor since April. Lately during the day, I miss hearing alerts the pump gives. At night, alerts wake me without a problem. The buzzing is especially effective when the pump is directly above my pelvic bone.

Back to during the day… a co-worker (with a type 1 diabetic spouse) has told me a few times that the pump was alerting me and I missed. I’m not sure of a solution to this problem yet. Perhaps I should call Minimed again, or even read the manual for the answer.

How about trying the vibrate function during the day.or change your alarm to Beep Long

I also have trouble hearing the beep while at work , my co worker usually hears it . I have change mine to vibrate and all is well . … although my cat hates it vibrating on the bed at night she has quit sleeping right up against me I think she is afraid of it .

Thanks, Karen. I just did that. I’ll let you know how it worked.

Believe it or not, my cat will sleep right on my pump and not even notice when it vibrates. How strange!