I can´t listen to my pump at night. any suggestions??

Do you mean your pump or your CGM?

Hi valentine, and welcome to TuD.

You can put your pump on vibrate. Are you getting a lot of alarms in the night? If yes, what are they??

actually of everything, ups, downs, the signal of the transmiter is gone. Is a pain the neck. but I´m afraid that i can´t feel it in vibration. I can say that my diabetes is not easy to control.

I would give the vibration a try, though, one night does not hurt, you might wanna have someone know so they can wake you up. if i have my pump on temp basal, i usually switch from vibration (which is my standard) to beeping, so that the pump does not wake me up every hour…

If you are talking about your pump, you can program on or off whichever alarms you want. The only alarms I have set are "low cartridge" and "No delivery". In 3 1/2 years I've only had no delivery twice I think and "low cartridge" once. I keep track of my cartridge amounts and change it before bed if I am going to go under the 10 units I have it set to during the night. In case you can't tell, I hate alarms!

"the signal of the transmiter is gone" Can you be more specific about what it is you are needing to hear at night? It sounds like it is the cgm warnings about Bg lows or highs. And if the transmitter is not working, have you contacted the pump company to ask for help figuring out the problem? Is it time for a new transmitter or whatever is the equipment you are talking about?

Thanks and I hope that the other comments have helped you to problem solve.

If it is the CGM portion (either pump or receiver) that you can't hear, there are a couple of ideas. You can get a baby monitor that will pick up the sound and broadcast it - this is easier if you have a separate receiver for your CGM. And, again, for a separate receiver, you can put the receiver on vibrate, then put it in a glass with something like little legos in there. The rattling can work to be heard.