Am I The Only One That Is Overly Obsessive?

Am I the only one that is overly obsessive with all my diabetic supplies,I think i’m OCD or something. Everything has to be in its special place. I don’t want anyone touching or moving anything. I wash my hands before and after testing and the same with shots.I wipe everything down with an alcohol pad when i’m done.Meter, pen, strip bottle.etc.I know its crazy!.. I have a special place in my purse for every thing and when staying in a motel I have to wipe down everything where i’m putting my supplies. I have a certain way i have to get my strips out,this is driving me crazy! I change lancets everytime. Needles everytime on my pen.I could go and on…Is there anybody out there like this? If not …for the love of my sanity,talk me out of this behavior!

I’m thinking maybe you are a little obsessive, Debbie. I’m sending you a link - here - to a rather humorous discussion we had here some time back about “how often do you change your lancet”. I hope you can get a few laughs from it.

ohhhhhhhhh myyyyy Marie…I am sooooooo obsessive arent I. I was actually cringing in my chair at all those answers. Maybe I need a therapist!..LOL

There is nothing wrong with being methodical about your supplies but, keep in mind that discussion that Marie mentioned. That will help keep things in perspective. Good Luck!!!

I’m the exact opposite, as long as my hands and site are clean I don’t care. I remember changing my infusion set in a parking lot, once at the playground. I think you’d fall over if you saw it

Hi Debbie,
Ive been diabetic for almost 11 years now, and I remember in the beginning I had my own little corner of the house for my supplies, I would use the alcohol wipes, etc… but fairly normal. Anyway, I think its since I left for college a few years ago that everythings disorganized, haha. I keep a box of random insulin stuff under the boyfriends bed, most of my supplies at my house in a cabinet.
My flatmate is diabetic as well, on the pens. He always says I should refrigerate my insulin but I never really bother, its never caused problems. I actually cant remember the last time I changed my lancet… I think it was when my friend at university asked me to test her sugar so I changed it for her, then changed a new one for me… I dont use alcohol wipes at all, but I usually only change my site’s after a shower (the hot water helps the adhesive come off better).
I guess the routine of it all would drive me mad anyway! I feel far too busy for all of that to consume my petty minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all the answers to my question, Maria is probably the closest one to being right,LOL,I have been like this for over 5 yrs and I dont think I could stand the rest of my life being this way…So I hope that like the rest of you,my trial period will be soon coming to and end and I ccan find something else to compluse over!,God Help Me!! thanks again all