Type one diabetes is my excuse for continualsy cleaning my room!

Everytime I clean my bedroom I allways find testing strips,everywhere!! When I test my BG I mostly test in my bedroom! I will mostly throw the strips in the trash or sharps container but when I don’t I will just throw it in my meter case! The strips manage to move around through my bedroom.

This mostly happens to every type of diabetic!!
If this happens to you where do you keep your strips after you use them and if you keep them in a random place then where and where they end up?!

I put mine in a side pocket of my testing case, but then when I open it the wrong way they all fall out and I have used strips all over whatever surface I'm testing on (for instance tonight it was my lap while testing in my car...) I have a college dorm room with a roommate so I try not to leave my strips and sharp container where she could find them. The one time I did she had a mini freak out. I had to explain that she couldn't get diabetes through my old tiny blood :) That was a great roomie bonding moment. That being said, I have found strips coming out of the dryer, under my sink, and in my shoes. It's like they are attracted to the weirdest places!

I know what you mean, it drives my mom crazy that I constantly leave test strips everywhere. I used to have a mini sharpie container that could fit in purses, backpacks, whatever but I think the main thing is just staying on top of things and making sure to dispose of them after each test (kind of unrealistic- I know).
At least you're not leaving used needle-heads around though haha