American / canadian equivalents for blood glucose measures?

New to the site and having trouble following some of the discussions on blood glucose levels. We Canadians use different measures. Can anyone tell me if there is a link, a post, something-or-other somewhere that would teach me the Canadian equivalents to the American blood glucose measures stated in discussions on this site? Or, can someone give me a quick lesson by replying here? Thanks :slight_smile:

All you need to do is to divide the American numbers (mg/dl) by 18 to get the Canadian numbers (mmol/L).

So the American number 180 mg/dl = 10 mmol/L.

Bernard, one of our members just made an application to do that calculation. You can add it to your page to make it really simple! To add it, click here. Then select add application. Then if you click on “My Page” it should be located at the bottom of your page.

Let me know if you have any trouble adding it!