Amoxocillin and "false readings"?

Hi - hope everyone is well. I am beating my head into the wall again with the vague answers I seem to get from the endo's office .....

Joey has had a cold for a week and I was sure it had turned into a sinus inf when he started running a low grade fever so out of an abundance of caution, I went ahead and took him to his ped today and she diagnosed him with a sinus inf., prescribed amoxicillin and said his fever may actually go up - which it has (is guess the whole get worse before better...) I am sure that has an effect on his BG's being high, however the amoxocillin pamphlet said "...diabetes....may cause false readings...consult your dr. on insulin changes while taking this medication"...SO I called the endo's office and she said - "this is the second time in two days I have been asked this question...I have never heard of that...just do what you normally do and follow sliding scale..." well I know they are going to be out of whack from the illness, but was wondering if anyone has run into any problems in particular with amoxicillin - I just don't want to be messing with his dosing too much if I could be possibly get a false reading. He does not have a pump yet. All I know to do is check him every few hours and keep a good eye on it. Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't think the medication/manufacturer just arbitrarily put this on the pamphlet!! On the other hand I am a total worry wart, as I am sure all of the members of this forum are; just get frustrated when the endo's office doesn't answer questions or seem to care. THANKS : )

I didn’t know this about Amoxicillin so I googled it and all it says is that it will cause false readings. It doesn’t say anything about why it does this or how to manage it. I just wanted to say that I have been appalled at some of the blatantly false information my son’s endo office has given us. There have been a couple of times they have given me advice where if I had followed it my son would have been in a coma from hypoglycemia!

Yes mam ’ I totally agree and sometimes I feel like it is a “crap shoot” with them - I get frustrated often and do what my gut tells me, which always seems to work better. Shame since they bill the ins. co. 300.00 an visit!! I think parents of kids with type 1 are more qualified than some endos - but I am sure there are some good ones out there…the staff at ours is awful and the doc is good but obviously overwhelmed!!

My son has high numbers every time he goes on amoxicilian for sinus infections. What we do is check and correct every two or three hours while he’s on the meds.

yes!! We have experienced this. We didn’t really know what was going on, but now that you posted this…this makes more sense. Thanks!!

Now see, that wasn’t so hard to be explained or to understand - LOL. Make sense to me. Would be helpful for the leaflet to indicate that, however getting an answer from one source would be too easy, and that is not the world we live in today. : ) I probably should have asked his pharmacist to begin with as sometimes they seem to know more about insulin anyway!!

I don’t mean to sound harsh when referring to the endo’s office, I just get frustrated when it takes days to get a call back sometimes, or they do something crazy such as forget to put dosing on his insulin rx’s or act like I am a freak for asking questions.

Thanks bunches Leah. Eases my mind a bit!! (And I am sure someone else will run across it in the future). I appreciate the peace of mind concerning this issue. We have been blessed with not much sickness since his dx. - hope you and your family are too!!