Amputated Toe: A Sad Story with a Happier Ending


Yesterday I met a girl with diabetes type 1 and her story touched me deeply. She’s had type 1 since she was 6 years old. Last year she started on the pump and, for the first time, she’s been able to have good blood glucose control.

I was saddened to learn that before she landed her pump, she had already (at 33) suffered two of the inherent of the most feared diabetes-related damage: she had one toe amputated two years ago and she had begun to see signs of diabetic retinopathy in one of her eyes.

The good thing is that she’s having good control. She told me: “We’re everywhere!” -referring to diabetics. And it is true: we are everywhere, and we need to take good care of ourselves. If you learn about someone with diabetes, tell them about this site, have them share their story here. We all want to hear and offer a helping hand.