An apple a day!

I skipped my doc app today. i know i needed to go but i felt horrible about the way my blood sugars have been (even ashamed) And im so tender-hearted i cry everytime he has something to say about my horrible control. So i will try to not procrastinate my rescheduling :smiley: and be proud of my numbers and control when i go back

Never feel bad about your numbers!!! They are what they are. Since I went to my endo last about a month ago he changed my thyroid pill and now I see my numbers climbing. They are still in a safe range but 1 was in the 80’s - 90’s in the am now I am in the 100-110 range. They are bumped up across the board as well. I have a feeling that my great control will suffer until they get this balance worked out. Talk about better living through chemistry. Good luck at your next visit and keep on smiling!!!