Ok.... update time.

8 weeks between last endo appt and endo appt today:

last a1c 7.9

today 6.9

weight: lost 11lbs

Doc not impressed with the a1c, which pissed me off, because there were a lot of night time lows. As for the unexplained insulin resistance taking place in the past week or so, the doc gave me new insulin and asked me to see if this makes a difference. If not, blood work to rule out other possible causes.

Congratulations on the A1c and weight loss. Great job.

well 1% improvement impresses me. attagirl!

Thanks everyone!

The endo wasnt impressed because they think a lot of the lows were pulling that number down. They didnt see all the purple on the page (I color coded my log book- purple was 51-110)

Don’t let him rain on your parade. That’s wonderful!

My endo liked my A1c of 6.9. Maybe you need my endo.

Great job with A1C and weight loss. Any reduction is a good reduction. Good for you!

Sarah- I think you have made excellent progress. A reduction of an entire point in your A1C is something to be proud of! Not to mention the weight loss. You are doing good! Are you proud of yourself, that’s what’s important to me. If you feel good, you should be happy.

You have worked hard for it…therefore it is an accomplishment! It is an improvement…well done!

Great news on the lower A1c! Keep it up!

Night time lows are not fun anyway. Did your endo suggest a way to reduce them?

Im doing the best that I can. The endo decreased my overnight basal rates to reduce the lows, but I have a feeling they decreased them too much… 55 before bed, had 1 juice box (15 cho) and woke up at 176 feeling queasy!

Its a neverending battle sometimes :slight_smile: