Some Results:

So since the endo changed my settings on my pump my sugars have been more the 100-180 range which is better then it was...haven't had too many 200's have had a couple lows might have to adjust it possibly. I was pleasantly surprised though that the endo called me about some of my results..HE talked to me..he didn't make one of his nurses or someone else talk to me so that was really nice I think he's the only dr. that has ever done that...the only bad thing (and no offense to anyone!) but he has an accent so it's kinda hard for me to understand him when i'm talking face-to-face and on the phone it's like even worse to understand...but he basically said my tests came back normal..he's still waiting on the one that says if I'm type 1 or not..and I go to get my neck ultrasound on friday. I go to see my endo again in about a month so...looking forward to it! :)

Sounds like you're doing great! And don't be afraid to ask your new doc to repeat things or talk slower. Those with accents usually understand.

Shayla, so glad you have an attentive endo and that your numbers are more stable. You probably will have to make adjustments, just be really sure to go slowly and carefully. One small change at a time, then watch for 2-3 days before changing any more.

Congrats on the success ;)

My endo won't allow his nurses to call with results. He told me the first time I saw him about 25 years ago not to get worried when he called himself because he wants to give the results himself in case you have questions. He's the only doctor I've ever had who does this too and I really do appreciate it.

Congrats on the progress that you're making! :) It's a good feeling to see all the hard work paying off.