An edited version of an email I just sent to Lorraine about our dkids and their future!

Hi There Lorraine? How is Caleb doing?

kennedy is pretty good, last a1c up to 7.5 from 7.1. she's getting to really be a teen now! Dealing with some early noncompliance stuff, missed boluses, etc.

Still on dex/omni/apidra

Lifestyle choices are the cause of t2 and exacerbates the progression of t1 right?

To the extent that t1's can compound their diabetes by poor lifestyle, I want to help kennedy and caleb have a different kind of t1 life than the kids who have gone before them!

I remember when you were talking about what your endo said about the post breakfast spike ( " well that's diabetes" ) and you fought for him and won that little battle and changed his outcome!

T1's right now have a lifetime of specialist visits, right? What if we could change all of that? Give them to tools to self manage right on their phone? Our endo team at vandy teaches "self management" but this is in the context of their office visits coming intermittently.

I sure would like to have a a workaround for our kids until AP is approved, but the next 4 to 5 years are critical! If they slip into noncompliant teen years, it will affect their later adult years permanently!