Madison, you're doing great!

Madison, I posted this as it's own discussion to be sure you would see it, and others, so they can chime in.

I just wanted to tell you how well you're doing adjusting to the lifetime changes you're dealing with diagnosed with T1 diabetes. It's tough for anyone -- that much more so when you're 14 going on 15!

And in a foreign country too...

I'm a 52 year old father of two, daughter 16 son 18. I'm working through all the teen stuff with them, and it's hard growing up. I've been following your story, and must say that you fill me with joy and pride at how well you're dealing with all this.

Hang in there, and keep steady where you're going. You're doing well. We are all so glad you found us, and joined our community!

Hip hip, hurray for Madison! Your really doing a good job at figuring things out.

I've read most of her posts and replies. I agree she has made amazing progress, but I can't help but believe she would be better served if she returned to the US for training. She needs proper training in diabetes, insulin use and nutrition. It don't appear she will get this in her present situation. I know military doctors, there are not any type 1 diabetics in the military so they are not tasked with providing the type of education a newly diagnosed type 1 needs. Not only that, but she will probably not be seeing the same doctor all the time because of transfers or reassignments. Being shuffled from one doctor to another in this critical stage of her diagnoses could impede her progress and might even be dangerous.

She wants to remain in Japan because of her school and friends. I believe she could return to the US at the end of the school year, get the training she needs and return in time for the fall sinister.

Just my 2 cents.

Being in USA or Canada does not guarantee better access to info or care. Thankfully there is an internet where one can read journal articles, buy books, find sites like this one... I'm self taught and I bet I'm not alone. :( Being around supportive friends and family is really important, especially to younger people.