And the Glucocoaster Continues

Since going back on the pump, I’ve been trying really hard to keep my BGs tighter and actually in range. Before, anything under 250 was good as far as I was concerned. There are lots of reasons for this, the primary one being that I am scared to death of going low, especially at work or while alone. So, I let myself “run high,” which did crap to my A1C, but generally left me feeling pretty ok. But my endo really wants me to get serious about my control and I agree that I need to do better. The problem is that I’ve always been fairly insulin sensitive. I am petite and fairly muscular, so my ISF has always been around 50-60 (unless of course I’m over 300; then it seems to be like 10). My endo says that this is odd considering the length of time D and I have been together, as most T1s become somewhat insulin resistant over time, but suspects my relatively little body fat and high level of physical activity has caused this increased sensitivity. In some ways it’s a good thing because Humalog is really expensive!

What I love about the pump is the ability to give myself really small units of insulin. Makes me feel safer knowing that I’m less likely to over-bolus myself. And that bolus wizard? I LOVE it. HOWEVER, I’ve had a really hard time pinning down my basal rates and, as a result, have been having some nasty nighttime lows. At first I was waking up high (230-290) so we upped my overnight basal rates and now I’m constantly bottoming out somewhere around 2:30 AM. Not a fun way to wake up, let me tell you. And it always leaves me feeling like I was out partying way too hard. I guess we still have some work to do and I am seeing that this is just going to take some trial and error on my part. The other issue I’m having is that my weekends are so drastically different from the weekdays, so I am going to have several different basal patterns. Thank god I always was fairly good at math.

whats worse? LOWS, or HIGHS? I have 30s-450s! I kinda like lows, because I get to eat good stuff:) And I NEVER get shaky or sweaty, do not get diaferedic, or whatever it is called?