Android Wear OS 3.0 = New Options for Dexcom Users

Android has announced a new operating system (OS), along with new partnerships, and although not certain, it will likely lead to a large number of watch options for Dexcom CGM users.

When I last went searching for a watch compatible with my Dexcom, I had to choose one with Wear OS - I have an Android-based phone - and this limits one’s options, as some of the best Android-compatible watches didn’t use Wear OS. I found one that is enjoyed by many and highly-rated, a Fossil Gen 5, but it took a while, since it was often not clear which watches were compatible, as well as which features I’d really want.

Now that Google bought FitBit, and other quality watch producers that had their own OS like Samsung have committed to the new watch platform, we should start seeing not only more options, but better quality options as well.

Wear OS 3.0: all the new features and which devices will run the new OS (

What’s new for Wear (


An example of some watches planned for the new Wear OS:

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