does anesthesia or pain medication affect someone with diabetes differently than everone else?

Hi Lyla,
I don’t know if anesthesia affects your blood sugar, but pain medicine affects me. The one thing that is worse for me and the effects it causes is pain Pain bounces me pretty badly. I guess it is the adrenaline that gets pumped out with the pain And of course we will be making our adrenaline in any scary situation like surgery. If you are concerned I would talk with the doctor and or anesthesiologist before your procedure and go over the things you want or may need during whatever you have done. If you let us know the date we can all have our prayers with you. My best to you.

My last surgery I had I called the hospital and told them I wanted to meet with the anesthesiologist to discuss my diabetes care while I was under. The hospital was great about it and let me meet with him. My main concern was in the past they have never had insulin orders on me pre or post op. I usually end up running in the 200’s after surgery and they will not give me insulin. I would suggest meeting with the anesthiologist before and and discuss your care with him so there will be orders written up for you.

I know that some pain medication, like paracetamol I think, especially in larger doses and taken over a longer period of time can effect sugars the same way alcohol does. They are processed in the liver and keep it from producing glucose during that time, and can cause a low.


i’m sure it all depends on the person. but taking any pain meds causes my sugars to rise except for stuff like ibuprofen and even then if i take higher doses it goes high.