Angels in disguise

Affects on diabetes carers my wife is my carer without her I would probably not be here, she puts up with my ills woes and freezing toes injects me when I cannot cooks my food and even washes my socks, rarely do I stop and think what a burden she takes on never moaning groning does it all with a smile, God trully sent me an angel to sit by my side through thick and thin I look at her with pride,she has just text me to see how I am had to stop telling her I felt like a tin of spam she has enough to put up with and maybe one day I can pay her back with kindness take her to the Big Apple one of her dreams I know visit our daughter in the states see tall pine trees grow, is it much to ask dear lord no not for my sake but to give an angel a piece of an American cake,after giving birth to five children and seeing them leave the nest Dear Lord Dear God she really does need a rest,I think the carers should have there own site so we could heap them with praise,raise your glasses each and everyone a toast I will propose to all the carers everwhere who with our lives take great care all the love and affection, thank you from the bottom of our hearts you fill us all with hope my little Angel is my wife she fits me like a glove