Animas 2020 vs. paradigm


trying to finalllly choose an insulin pump, we don’t have the omni pod yet in Canada so that sucks.
What do you think is better of the two, ie. smaller, easier to conceal, easier to work?


Oh that is difficult to answer …100 responses …probably 100 reasons, why one prefers one over the other …training , service for me more important than size, easier to conceal … I will not hide my pump , neither my infusion site, if I use my arm .Cozmo is available in Canada and I believe there is a Roche product as well .
Talking with your diabetes Educator, sales persons and having you shown the brands and hold them in your hands, work with the pump maybe good clues …ie make sure the pump meets your needs .Know the pump’s limitations …your life style is important …I used to be swimmer , so probably a waterproof pump would have been a priority at one time …on the other hands I know swimmers , who disconnect . I am a Minimed (upgraded several times to present 522 ) wearer since 2001 and sensor wearer for over 2 years and wow the last while as happy as a lark :slight_smile: …my age is almost 69 and I actually understand and use all the programs of the pump .


This past November I was torn between the animas and the Paradigm too. I ended up going for the Animas because of 4 main reasons. #1-It’s waterproof. I wanted to feel comfortable knowing that If I got caught in the rain, or accidentally got my pump wet, that it wouldnt be ruined. The mini med’s warranty is great but you’d still have to wait a day or two for a replacement. #2-battery life. I change my animas battery once a month and I have friends with the Paradigm who have to change it weekly. #3- Its more light weight than the paradigm and slimmer, so it feels less clunky when you wear #4- The screen/backlight makes it’s screen much more efficient especially if you have to give yourself insulin somewhere with limited light like a movie theatre.

But some things that I really liked about the paradigm was that it holds 100 more units of insulin (300 total) than the animas. I tend to go heavy on the carbs and those extra 100 units would come in handy ifI had the Paradigm. Also, the only CGM out right now is for mini med pumps so thats a bummer that I can’t get it. Also, it’s the pump that has been out the longest. There is a sense of history and success that comes along with the mini med brand. But do you know what finally made my decision?..

Realizing that regardless of whether it was going to be the minimed or the animas…a pump is a pump. When you get down to it, the bottom line is that either one will make your life better through the flexbility you get from wearing one. You should join both the animas and minimed groups on here and go through the message boards and see what kinds of complaints an comments people put on there. Also, request literature from both websites. Good Luck!


I have just joined the forum & your query came top of list on search for animas vs paradigm. I guess by now you would have a pretty good knowledge and opinion on what you chose. I have been pumping for 4 years now and am due for a change. Only 2 choices funded. My main problem is screen fade with the Animas. It has been replaced twice, but still very difficult to read in sunlight. I would appreciate any feedback you could give me.