Any thoughts on the Deltec Cozmo?

The warranty on my Minimed Paradigm pump runs out in about a month, and I’m thinking of getting a Deltec Cozmo as a replacement.

Basically, I do like the paradigm, but the cozmo seems to have some advantages. Namely, it’s waterproof, has the attached meter, and has the carb diary.

Anybody use this pump and have any thoughts/advice?

I have used the Deltec for the past 4 years and LOVED it. I have never had any major problems and have found it to be tremendously user friendly. I’ll admit, I’m due for a new pump and I’m deciding between the new Deltec and the Animas 2020, but that is 100% due to the size of the Animas. I’m struggling because the Cozmo has such great features and is easy to use. I strongly recommend it!

The only thing I don’t like about the Cozmo is it’s size. That and the fact that mine broke when I got it wet, so I’m a bit nervous about the whole waterproof thing now! I’ve only been using the Cozmo for about six months but I love it and am glad I went with this pump (I was debating between the Cozmo and Animas). I like the look and size of the Animas better but the features of the Cozmo - too bad you couldn’t combine the two and have almost the perfect pump!

Besides the size - I believe Cozmo is the best pump - and it really is not that much bigger. The all in one CGM Pump by minimed has me very tempted.

We love the Cozmo and it’s been through several accidental dunks in the pool and one in the lake! Be aware that it is NOT watertight when the meter is attached. The meter has to be removed and the original cap placed on it. They will replace one meter for water damage, after that they’ll charge you for them. Abbott’s Navigator looks like it will have FDA approval by September. Since we plan to wait until insurance covers the CGMS better, we will stick with the Cozmo and wait for the Navigator to arrive. I love the CozFoods and the Hypo-Manager features, as they allow my daughter a little more freedom to be aware from me and know how many carbs to enter and how much to eat if she tests a little low.

I’m definitely happy with my Cozmo. The upgrade program they have is excellent - with the recent move to the 1800 model series, Smiths gave everyone a three month window to sign up for the free upgrade program. They put your name in the queue and when it’s coming up on your turn, they sent out information about the changes and a hyperlink to a short quiz on how the new features work. About a month later, they sent a reconditioned pump with the new features and walked you through how to switch over the info.
I love the new Hypomanager feature and the Disconnect feature (the disconnect allows you to bolus for the basal you will miss while disconnected - the only problem is that it recognizes the bolus when calculating insulin on board so I usually up my boluses to compensate). It’s a bit harder to find inconspicuous places to put it than with other pumps if you use the monitor. I don’t really use the meal maker feature, though it would be easy to do so if needed.

What’s the software like that comes with the Cozmo? What kind of information can you download from it?

Is it true that you need an infrared link to the PC to do this download? Do they supply you with the hardware to do this?

I have heard some people say they were given the infrared. Since I wanted it immediately with the pump and didn’t know enough to ask for freebies, we just bought it from their website directly. It’s just a USB infrared device.

The CozManager 2 software that comes with the new 1800 model is really nice. Their website has a good little video on the software at

I also love the new CozFoods, which allows me to program my daughter’s favorite foods and typical serving sizes with carb info and download it directly to her pump. No more worries about school lunch and playdates!

The more I hear others talk about their pump features, the only pump that seems to come close is the Animas 2020.

The software is more useful to program the pump and less useful to get information from (the output is all in pdf or rtf format, no graphs available). On the good side, though, there is a piece of software that will take your downloaded info. from the software and turn it into some good graphs. The software is called SiDiary and it will import from virtually any meter. Here’s the website: .
While you can purchase or beg an IR adapter from Smiths, I bought one through Amazon that works just fine and looks like a little thumb drive, which is much easier to traipse around with.

I just got mine about a month ago, coming off of a disetronic. One word (or story) of advice:

The meter was attached to the pump and it was in its huge carrying belt case. it slipped off my pants and into the toilet (i had some long tubing) and because it went “swimming” the meter part does not work anymore. bummer. just fyi.

but im still manually entering my bs readings.

I currently use a MM Paradigm. I like the features of the Cozmo so I had a sales rep come out to my house to show me in person. I was a bit put off at how bulky the pump was with the case they make. Has annyone found a good case to use with the pump? It would be nice if it had
1: a slim profile,
2: a window to see the screen and touch the buttons, and
3: a hole on the bottom for testing with the meter.

is that too much to ask?

also, how is the back light? can you see it fine in bed?

yes, but when I recieved my new Cozmo, I just had to call customer service & they sent me an infrared cable (free)
most companies would have charged $50!
the info you can dl is awesome, my doctor, (who had never heard of Cozmo before me, was extremly impressed)
it allows you to dl the program reports, delivery summary, bgm history, bolus history,therapy effictiveness report, basal as percent of TDD…etc
I’m horrid at record keeping, so this baby really helps!!

the case that came with my Cozmo is black, and clips on- the screen and button areas ARE open, and there is an opening in the back for use with the meter :slight_smile:
(it also came with a “sports” clip, which does not accomidate the meter)

I haven’t been able to find a clip that’s terribly slim for the Cozmo. The backlight is great though - I’ve bolused in the dark before with no problems.

perosnally, i freakin hate the cozmonitor! it never gives me accurate readings! it is like a little demon thing on my pump that tries to screw everything up. it keeps telling me sugar is 500+, but after testing my sugar 3 times on the same finger withy my OneTouch, it turns out my sugar is like 130!!! I love the pump, i hate the meter!

well they have 2 cases that i know of. first is the standard black case with the hole in the bottom for the meter and the clip on the back, which is, yes, kind of bulky. the second is the swimming case, which, let me remind you, does not fit with the meter attached. which is a good thing cause it reminds you that the meter for the cozmo isnt waterproof. sarah (above) found that out the hard way…the really hard way. there is a window and ur able to touch the buttons, and the back light is awesome, except for the fact that its either on all the time, or you have to wait for the pump to go idle then press a button. its definetley the best pump to go with. i tried the new animas2020, and although it looks like a mini high definition tv, its memory isnt as good, and it doesnt have as many cool features. plus, you can hook the cozmo up to the pc and upload all ur info from the pump to the pc. its good for making nice little time lines of ur sugar levels for ur personal uses, and my doctor loves it. i have a big chart on my pc from april til now that has all my sugar readings on it. its pimpin…get it…

Although the CoZmanager software is horrible for graphs, if you haven’t downloaded it yet you can go to Abbott’s website and download CoPilot. This software is FANTASTIC and has tons of different kinds of graphs. If you download your pump history to CoZmanager you can then import it directly into CoPilot, so no manually entering readings! It can also download from FreeStyle meters if you have the data cable for them. The CoPilot software is free.

I’ve found the FreeStyle meters (including Cozmonitor) reads a bit higher than other meters. I’ve also found it’s EXTREMELY sensitive to any sugary stuff you might have on your fingers and will give high readings that, once you wash your hands, go away. Personally I use a FreeStyle Mini (FreeStyle Flash in the U.S.) and it does the same thing with false highs if your hands have food on them, so I just make sure I wash my hands and retest if I ever get a high that seems unusual.

If you dunk the Cozmonitor in water (which you are right, it is not waterproof) they should replace it for free if you give them a call. They only do this the first time, however, and then charge you for replacements if it gets wet. Also, if you dunk the pump in water when it has the battery cap for the Cozmonitor on it (even if the Cozmonitor itself is removed) it is NOT waterproof and you must change battery caps or else the pump will get water in it.

I tried the Animas 2020 simulator and found it so confusing. But I LOVE the look of the Animas, it looks much better (and is smaller) than the Cozmo.

I wish they could combine the Animas hardware with the Cozmo software (and somehow keep the meter attachment), that would be a really cool pump!

well im not sure if its the cozmonitor or its the freestyle. i have a the same meter as you and it gives me higher readings regardless if my hands are clean or not. thanks for the tip about the caps, i wasnt aware of that problem. i already had the cozmonitor meter replaced just because i thought it was defective, but i guess its just the freestyle strips. the worst thing about freestyle is the lancets and the “lancer”. they hurt so bad. i have a BD UltraSoft or something like that, it it doesnt hurt at all…well then again i cant feel the tips of my fingers anymore, so i guess it doesnt really matter.