Animas Customer Service

I started pumping with a ping this week, and I am loving it. At my training session, my doctor had run out of inset 30s, which I was curious to try. They told me to call Animas and request a sample box. I called Animas yesterday and asked, and they apologized and told me they were out of stock and could not send me any but they would try to contact my doctor to have them send me some. I obviously didn't think that was going to go over well, since my doctor was obviously out as well.

Much to my surprise, today a box from Animas, shipped from PA appeared at my door with two inset 30s. I'm not upset in the least, just curious others have had strange experiences with them? This was my first dealing with them aside from getting the actual pump delivered, so I'm just puzzled (but pleased!)

Someone went and hunted down a box? I've found their customer service extraordinary.

Seems likely, I was so surpised to see the box! I had actually just changed my set and was like darn, now I have to wait another three days to try it :p