Animas Supplies

Just want to jump in with my experience today since we have had all the chit chat about the problems with ordering. I had a problem ordering online so then called a representative. I got through in just a couple minutes. The last time I had gotten a new doctor order so I could get the 5 boxes for 90 days. This time he said they could only send 46 sets. I asked about what was going on and he was very honest explaining that they had some problems with the legality of prescriptions due to sending out too many sets and being out of compliance with regulations and so were now tightening up. (I suspected it was something like that). He apologized for the two changes. He also said they were working on the problems that people had with the online ordering system but for now he recommended talking to a rep. I thought the conversation was a good experience and for me helped to take away any sense of an adversarial relationship I might have felt from what seemed like random changes. That’s exactly how good customer service should take place imho. I’ve worked for organizations whose policies I didn’t necessarily like but was bound to, and always found it best to be honest with my clients (customers) about what was coming from higher up (without putting down the organization that feeds me of course!)

Yea animas is good just get a bad name

I’ve always had the same positive experience with them Zoe.

I have just gotten a new batch of supplies, no problems at all.

I have Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan, so as normal I phoned the Kaiser DME department, told the girl what I wanted, next day I received an email from Animas with the UPS shipping number, the following day UPS delivered the box with everything I asked for.

So Monday morning, PST, I phoned Kaiser & Wednesday I got the supplies, I don't think they could have come any quicker.

I didn't have any major problems either other than they sent to the wrong address and then not enough but with every call they corrected their mistakes. I have been on several pumps and Animas is really great customer service. I can't complain and always get a friendly person on the line.

I ordered three boxes of insets and three boxes of vials last week. On Tuesday of this week, an Animas representative called me and ask when I last saw the doctor. It told the rep when my last appointment was, and I received a confirmation number and shipping number yesterday. I expect delivery on Monday.

Not bad service, I didn't think. From what the blogosphere has been saying, it could have been weeks. I couldn't be happier with both the pump and the service.