Animas Infusion Sets

Hi folks,

I’m new to tudiabetes but figured I’d dive right in and start asking for some opinions. I’m starting on an Animas insulin pump in the very near future (just waiting on setting up a training day). When I met with the sales rep, I tried both the Inset II and Inset 30…and I’m not sure which I prefer. Do you Animas users out there have a preference? I feel like the Inset II is more likely to get pulled out but I like how convenient it is with the tubing and everything in one neat package.

Thanks for your advice!

i change my infusion sets every 2 to 3 days. i use the Inset II infusions sets (i have tried others). i have only had a couple of them pull out. i use IV prep, then IV 3000 (there is no need to cut this with the Inset II), then the Inset II infusion set. they stick very well and i love having different colors. my favorite is the pink with my Pink Animas pump. i’ve been very happy with the ease of use of the Inset II.

Hi Laura and congrats on starting on an insulin pump.It was the best thing that happened to me.I have been pumping since Feb.2008.I have an Animas 2020 also and they started me on the inset30’s.I had alot of problems with it.The angle it went in on was difficult to get it in.The cannula would skim over the skin rather than in.I then tried the inset II’s.I find they are alot nicer.They go in at a 90 degree and the tubing is already attached to the inset.With the 30’s the tubing was separate.The inset II’s are a all-in-one inset.As I gained more experience I decided to try the inset 30’s again because I had a few left over.I find that I was able to put them in ok.The legs on the inset are what threw me off.I angled it the way that it looked like it would go in.I didn’t follow the angle on the legs.You decide but I love the inset IIs.I also change my inset every 4 days.I don’t suggest you do that at the beginning,but as you gain experience you will know what will work for you.

Me too. But mine are gray. I use the 6mm Inset II

I got trained on the inset IIs. I tried the Inset 30’s later, but couldn’t bet the angle right so I’ve stuck with the IIs. I get 3 days out of some sites, 2 - 21/2 out of others. Who knows why, but I see a district difference in absorbtion at different sites.

Hi Laura! I see you are in Victoria too, and have a green pump like me:)

When I started on my pump I tried the insets, and kept getting the tubing tangled or stuck under the adhesive. Annoying, especially when I had to throw one out and try again! Now I use the Accu-check Tender Mini’s. The don’t have the inserter, which I prefer. This gives me way more control over the angle going in. Ask the Animas rep, he should send you some samples to try.

I am on my second Animas pump now, but actually use the MM infusion sets. I used a mm before, so figured I would stick with what was working, but even more important, my insurance would pay a higher copay for the MM sets then the Animas ones, because Animas didn’t have an in-state address where I live. You might want to call your insurance and check.

Hi Laura. Welcome to the growing Animas family.

I started out with the Inset II and Inset 30 and had a lot of problems with both. No so much with them coming out but rather that the kinked while in or did not go in at all. I would not know this until my next readings. I then tried the contact and detach which is a short steel needle. This hurt too much for me. I have finally settled on Comforts. This is the same needle as the Inset 30 but they are put in manually. This way I can see if the needle is in. So far in over one month I have not had to switch sites before the 3rd day. With the inset 30 I changed things daily. Good luck in testing them out.

Laura, how is pumping going for you ??
I am not certain if Mitchell is referring to what Medtronic calls Sure-T infusion sets. A Pharmacy Staff member I know, wears an Animas pump and she showed me the infusion sets she uses …looks exactly like MM 's Sure-T’s , which I have been using for about 3 weeks . Does not require a gadget to insert, just do manually .I think she uses the luerlock system . My numbers have been better; change site every 3 days instead of 2-2 1/2 …carefully remove the set and place it close by …enough insulin in the reservoir to do this once . Less maintenace , better control , less frustration , more economical too…call ma a happy camper/pumper :wink: after having tried all the different types of sets over the past 8 years… Hope this is useful …a MM pumper and I keep on thanking Dave for having introduced me to this type of set.

Hi Dee

I started on my Animas pump just over 2 weeks ago. I was relived to read your post and see I am not the only one who struggled with the 30 degree sets! I started on the Inset II 60mm sets but the second one I used I found a little uncomfortable, not unbearable but when I pressed it I could feel a sensation and also the same happened when I took my insulin.

So I switched to a 30 degree set and wore that one for a few days - no problems - I do like being able to see the cannula is in my skin! But last week I had the worse day, firstly I tried 3 times to insert a 30 degree set on the left side of my body with no luck, the plaster kept scrunching up and the cannula was just skimming my skin rather than going in. I finally inserted one on the right side and wore it for a day. The next morning I felt something as my bolus was going in and inspected and saw blood at the site, so I pulled it out and as you guys say on here it was a squirter! That day was another nightmare, I think I had about 4 different sets on that day and by nearly midnight I still wasn’t satisfied it was working so I did a whole set change.

I ran out of 30 degree sets in the end so am back on the Inset II, the one I have had on for the last few days has been really comfortable. I think it is because it’s on the fattest area of my tummy!

When I rang the helpline the lady was talking me through a technique where you hook the plaster back and it allows you to see the needle/cannula going in much better. I didn’t have any sets to try and work out what she meant but I might have another go or as you say come back to them when I feel a little more experienced, glad to know I am not the only one though!


I was trained on the Inset 30 and have used no other infusion set since starting on Animas 2020 18 months ago. Even though this set has “feet” that help you insert at the 30 degree angle, I was taught to raise it up so that I insert at approximately a 45 degree angle. It was a bit tricky, but have no problm now. Depending on how fatty the site you select is, you may find a 45 degree angle for the Inset 30 is better for you. I have used it at the 30 degree angle in low fat areas with only a couple problems, but use 45 degree angle predominately.

Hi Laura

Just so you know, the set with the small steel needle that I mentioned, the contact and detach, is the Animas version of MM Sure T. The other set that I mentioned is called a Comfort and is the same as MM’s silhouette or sils for short.