Infusion sets

Hi all!

I use the animas ping pump and have been using the inset 9mm straight infusion set. However, I'm wondering if I'm having some absorption issues so I'm considering changing infusion sets. So I'm looking for some advice on what everyone else uses. Should I change to an angled infusion set with a longer cannula? Is there another brand that would be better?

Thanks, Toni

If you can learn how to do it, manually inserted angle sets can sometimes help out... (most angled set has a longer cannula, might want to try the shorter length before the longer ones..) Something like the Comfort,Comfort Short, Tender, and theres another name for them too.. Used to use the Inset 30s, but didn't have good luck getting them to reliably work, You will probably *not* insert these right on the first go, even following instructions..

I experimented with the Insets and Inset 30's and settled on the Inset 30s (Animus). They seem to work the best for me and I really like that I can see the canula through the little plastic window to see if there is blood or it is not in right. (sometimes).

I also had a period of a few days with absorption problems. For me, I realized I needed to switch to a completely different location.

I'm terrible at hand/eye coordination so it took me a really long time reading the directions every time to get it right. Then several months in I was losing a lot of sets and I took a survey on here and people said they didn't lose that many. So I went back over the directions and sure enough I was placing my fingers wrong and causing problems!

I use a Minimed pump, but recently got Minimed to send me out a couple of samples of each set that they make. I was having some issues with bent canulas and also sets coming out before the 3-day mark. See if Animas can send you out some samples. The best way to experiment is to just give a new set a try and see what works!

I too use Animas Ping. Mostly I use my abdomen for infusion sets. Not sure if it was poor absorption or kinked cannulas, but when I switched to the stainless steel needle sets like Contact-D, my numbers improved. They are a 90 degree set. My belly padding is medium in thickness, and the 6mm needles work well. 9mm was hitting the underlying muscle layer uncomfortably...

Thanks everyone for your replies! Since I posted this I did a little investigating and here's what I learned: When I switched to the straight in infusion sets, my endo told me to fill the canula with .3 units and after I read the actual instructions it says to fill the cannula with .5 how much of a difference do you think that will make in my sugars if I have the cannula filled correctly!!!???

alot. ? to the pump...

Not a lot, since once it gives you your first basal/bolus the canula will be filled then, so only that first bolus/basal will be short, everything else after that will be correct if you have the right ratios set up.

I think Animas has similar ?? ...I use Medtronic Sure T's 8 mm at least well over 2 years ( thanks to a past TuD member !!) , after having tried all the other sets and ended up often with kinked cannula's . presently pumping for over 11 years .
Be well !!