Animas now part of Medtronic: making the change


God Bless you both. I hope you are able to see what your options are so you can make the best decision with and for your daughter. This is something I did not have. God Bless to you both. I can’t imagine how hard this is for a child. I am and “old” lady lol and I have been in tears through out this process because of the lack of choices and the lack of help. I hope it goes as smooth as silk for you.


So, how many pumps have no gone out of business? I know of Cozmo and Animas, not too sure about Roche. I asked a financial advisor friend to check on Tandem. He did, and told me not to buy any of it’s stock. Didn’t plan to, just wanted to know if, in the future, I would eventually have Medtronic. Right now I am going for the Tslim x2, I want to support the little guy, keep some competition in the market. Also, I trust Dexcom more than the Medtronic CGM.


Roche no longer sells pumps for the US.


HELP I have Medicare as primary with the federal BC/BS as secondary (not a supplement, a complete insurance). So, trying to get the Tslim 2x, with some urgency because my out-of-warranty Ping has had six occlusions in two days.

The problem is that Tandem goes through Solara, and Solara won’t send a needed PR Denial resulting from a Medicare denial to my BC/BS which will completely cover a pump for me. Don’t ask why, didn’t understand, but a BC/BS rep talked with Solara and she understood. So my question is: what are the names of some other companies that deal with pump stuff.

If this never gets straightened out, I will have to go Medtronic, which I don’t want, but they know how to do it (I think).



Try calling Tandem directly. They can run your insurance plans and pair you up with an appropriate distributor. Tandem has all this information and they do this all the time. Potentially, this is much easier than you calling various distributors individually.

Mark Smith
Tandem Diabetes
Customer Sales Support, Pump

(That is his direct phone number)


I would argue the financial situation of Tandem has very recently changed quite dramatically for the better.


Thank you very much. I see the CDE/pump lady tomorrow. I will take this info. Right now I don’t even want to explain it again. I did call Solara again this morning. One piece of info that I had was incorrect. It is not that Solara won’t send the Medicare denial letter to my insurance. They won’t send my info to Medicare because of denial, so there is no letter to send.

Again, thanks, am trying to not give up on Tlim x2


Yes, the sale in pumps jumped with the demise of Animas. However, it seems that there is some concern with something else financial…backing, investment or some such issue.


Yes - That is what I am saying. There has been a very recent and significant change of the financial situation IMHO for the better.


That would be good news. We need competition and Medtronic is getting too big.


Exactly. 100% agree. I am a huge fan of competition and think everybody benefits.


Agree. Wish me luck in getting Tandem to accept full payment for Tslim X2.