Up and running on my 630G

finally got up and running today on my new pump. its bittersweet as ive been on the animas pump for the last 8 years. i even cried a little in my nurses office. silly i know. so far its a new learning curve for me. i get my G5 dexcom in a few days. so im going to be naked without a CGM! ive been using the animas vibe which had the dexcom built into it. so now i gotta figure out what to do now. if i can find my G4 receiver then i can use that for the week. But i cant seem to remember where i placed it. But im up and running on my newest pump for me. maybe medtronic will intergrate with dexcom eventually and have it as an option. im not using medtronics CGM as medicare doesnt cover it and it wouldve been out of pocket.

anyone else gets sad in switching pumps when theyve been on one for so long???

I’m on the animas and can’t make the change yet. Like you I’ve been on the animas for 8 years. I love it and can’t come to terms that I need to make the change. I think I’ll cry too once I decide to finally do it. I heard that Medtronics will soon be discontinuing the offer to animas users. I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

i am still in crying mode. i switched as i had some issues with the pump. i couldnt read the screen so it made me giving insulin a bit of a problem. it was when i was outside or in the car, etc. i feel naked without a cgm. i think ill cry when i have to send my animas to medtronics. that is when it will really set in…im not sure if they will be doing that. it came at the right time for me. i wouldve of waited until the end of my contract to go to tandem but the screen bothered me so much plus to take advantage of the switch is money i dont have. so i switched to medtronic. you can always call them and ask them how long will they be doing the offer. im sure someone can answer the question.

I had that same problem but when I called the number they replaced it with the same animas ping pump. That’s probably the only problem I ever experienced with the ping. Would love to keep in touch with you as you go through your transition to the 630g. Good luck.

we can keep in touch that would be great!